Today, Germany! Tomorrow, the World?

The Inquirer has done it again.

Their front page article about Obama's Ich bin ein Obamanburg Gater! speech is not available at the Inquirer web site, which has this AP writetup. On today's front page, though, is an earlier (apparently last night's) version of this New York Times writeup, and all I wanted to do was quote this paragraph, which appears in a (strategically?) different place in Times edition than in the Inquirer edition:

Manfred Krause, 65, a retired citizen of the former East Germany, said Mr. Obama's address brought back memories of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s quieter visit to East Berlin in 1964, when he was a student. As Mr. Krause waited for Mr. Obama's arrival on Thursday, he said, "I thought, here is someone coming from the same place."
I'm not so sure about the validity of Comrade Krause's Martin Luther King comparison....

However, it does appear that Obama has the East German vote wrapped up! Oh, and also the German press:

The address received overwhelmingly positive attention from the German news media, which has frequently gushed over Mr. Obama for his aura, or as the large-circulation Bild daily put it on Wednesday, the "political pop star."
Does this mean Obama will win Germany? Hmmm...

And what about this?

Campaign volunteers holding clipboards shouted to passers-by, "Stop here, registering American citizens to vote!" Bratwurst-and-beer stands shared space with vendors who were selling an array of Obama products, including a T-shirt that declared, "The World For Obama '08."
Tragically, though, The World can't vote for the one man who can save it.

That's because we greedy Americans have disenfranchised the World.

posted by Eric on 07.25.08 at 09:41 AM


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