An Explication; Sanely.

Welcome to the latest meeting of the Scions of Entropy. Membership is not Optional. Fortunately, Awareness is. Participation is Not. Consciousness is Both. Amusement is Involuntary. No Options are Necessary in an Open Ended System.

What's in a word or three? The simple fact of the matter is that truths are oft revealed in the maddened tip tap tappings of misinformed monkeys. That's what happens when you hand out typewriters for free.

I delve into the undeftly mundane. As the author says, appy-poly-logies.

There. Is. A. Projection. Serenity.

Feline references obscured unintenionalibertly.

All you have to do is yank your head and the new discipline is absolved as he is absorbed. It's that easy because it's that hard. Shame isn't isn't is? (sic[sic{sic}]) . Punctuated accordingly. By satellite. I hacked my first program by satellite. Two 'l's. Two 'l's. Page. Manually. Turn. It's all as orderly as orderlies. Unforgivable. Sorry. Not that there's any crying in poker.


You start at childhood. No overhead meteorite explosions sans metaphor yo. They end emphasis with yo. yo. Editing regrettabliscious. Assure you me it was all better prior to veins popping out deradicalradicalization. You regrettably have to regrettably trust me on this--the most impossible thing since Soren regretted himself.


Let's delve to the mundane...

On other wor(l)ds, an explication was offered.

The perfect song.

It begins with immaturity. A stunt was offered. The desire, merely attention. Immature adulation.

Then young adulthood. Ambition creeps into it. A steady transition. What difference really?

Bounds are knocked down. Rather, bounds are found to not have existed. Mythological. Regardless, admirable. Admirable!? (?) Goals. The things consistent with the consistent things. Yeah. Like that. So obvious. So easy.

With a microphone. With a microphone. (With it (a microphone),).

Eventually you realize that the flaws are a function of a need for tri-syllabic terms. Of a molecule. Of a molecule. Not Split the bonds off--, not --of Uranium, --of Uranium. Of a molecule. Gotta have three syllables, but couldn't you have momentarily been a bit more creative in an obvious, non-physics defying manner? Of course not. With no handle bars.

Adulthood. Nothing has changed, everything has become obvious. Just because I don't like 'em. Died or healed. The perfect sontera. Perfect. Perfect. Bring it around. The torque should hurt. With no handle bars. No handle bars. Back to--

Childhood. And nothing has changed. Attention is merely a youthful manifestation of an unchanged need satisfied via, repeat it, extra times for emphaiss, repeat it, in a holocaust, in a holocaust, in a holo--, --it's all imaginary, --of a molecule, --it's all meaningless because it's childish, --pay. --no-- .attention:

There are no options. Everything is optional. There is no youth. There is no original sin. There is only original man. Efficiency. No matter. Efficiency. Entropy still reigns. Welcome to the scions of entropy. Your welcome is irrelevant. This is my testament.


No handle bars.
No handle bars.
No handle bars.

posted by Cosmic Drunk on 07.19.08 at 09:08 PM


I have to confess two things.

First, the post was inspired entirely by a terrific song. I can link you the music video on Youtube. But I cannot let you watch it unless you agree not to watch it. The Video is typical... i.e. sucks. Just listen to the music and the words several times and enlightenment shall... at least fail to be as distant as it would be if you actually watched the unremarkable music video...

Second, everyone goes to Chinatown eventually Jake.


Cosmic Drunk   ·  July 20, 2008 2:03 AM

What's it going to be then, eh?

Steve Skubinna   ·  July 20, 2008 1:13 PM

I thought, for a minute, that Classical Values had been visited by Gagdad Bob from One Cosmos.

Bleepless   ·  July 20, 2008 7:43 PM

Wonderful post. So adult! So childish! So other-wordly!

Anonymous   ·  July 21, 2008 10:03 AM

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