Pennsylvania -- broken machines and waiting....

Well the polls have closed and it's now time to watch the returns.

So far, it's too early to tell anything. (Yeah, Drudge and others have reported various exit polls saying it's too close to call, but I try to ignore them.)

First thing I heard on CNN confirmed that the voting machine irregularity I saw this morning was no isolated incident.

Broken machines are reported all over the state.

Stay tuned....

MORE: In other news, via Glenn Reynolds I see that Bill Clinton is complaining that they played the Race Card on him. (No he did! Yes he didn't!)


If only McCain could play the Rice Card.

08:37 -- finally some raw numbers:

Clinton 1629 Obama 819. (67% to 33%)

8:47 -- With one percent of the vote in, Fox News has called it for Hillary Clinton.

Hey that was easy!

8:50 -- Now Fox is explaining how Hillary won. With 3% of the vote in, that was fast too!

8:52 -- CNN isn't calling it for Hillary. She's now ahead 55-45.

I guess that makes for a little suspense, even if they have to fake it.

8:53 -- Now it's 53-47.

8:59 -- Don't miss Stephen Green's drunkblogging at PJM.

9:00 -- The Philadelphia vote is only 54-46 for Obama. (CNN says this is a bad sign for him, and I agree.)

9:03 -- Right now the state totals are 52-48 for Hillary. Nope, now it's back to 53-47, and CNN is now projecting that Hillary Clinton is the winner.

I think I'll join Stephen and have a Martini....

9:19 -- It's 54 to 46, Hillary.

Pretty close to the double digits she needs.

9:20 -- No sooner did I say that when the numbers switched to 52 - 48.

9:30 -- At this point, the numbers are Hillary leading 179,824 (53%) to
Obama's 162,436 (47%).

9:39 -- An interesting statistic here:

If Obama does win the nomination, a quarter of Pennsylvania Democrats voting today say they'd either support Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., or sit out the contest entirely; if Clinton's the nominee, one in six say they'd either vote for McCain or sit it out.
I can tell you one thing; if the election were only being held in Pennsylvania, McCain would need to be running against Obama to win.

9:53 -- I see that Hillary is winning by huge margins in blue collar and "red state" areas. I also noticed that Hillary seemed to be working harder, and making more appearances in those areas. While she was doing this, Obama was doing things like raising money in San Francisco -- where he bad mouthed the very people he should have been trying to win over.

It's almost a lesson in how to lose.

10:07 -- Hillary is now being introduced by Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter.

Smart move.

10:15 -- Following Nutter was PA Governor Ed Rendell, who introduced Hillary.

And now it's her turn....

The crowd is ecstatic, and they're chanting "YES SHE WILL!" and now Hillary is talking about her grandfather, and the dreams of Pennsylvanians like that who she carries. She's fighting for everyone who's paying for mortgages, high price of gas, etc.

The crowd loves it, and now she's congratulating Obama.

The women who were born before women had the right to vote, little girls who have hope....

Now she says she needs money to fight big money Obama.

More chanting.

She is very energized and it's a good speech (even if I can do without listening to her voice).

10:24 -- Now she's mentioning Earth Day, with clean renewable green jobs for all.

Ugh. I don't think I can take eight years of this.

Now it's health care.

A bigger UGH!

Why the relentless push for socialism?

I fear that the chief difference between Hillary and Obama is that she might be better able to implement this awful stuff, but he's just words.

10:29 -- She's now thanking Nutter, Rendell, Sestak, and Murtha. And her family. Her brothers Tony and Hugh, and her mother.

"A lot of work ahead."

I'll say.

10:31 -- Question isn't whether we can, but whether we will!

"My answer to any who doubt is, YES WE WILL!"

"Best speech I've ever heard her give!" exclaims Fox pollster Frank Luntz.

(I wonder what he'll say after the coronation.)

10:46 -- Now it's Barack Obama in Evansville, IN. He's thanking the Mayor and John Mellencamp, and "the hundreds of thousands of Pennsylvanians who have stood in our camp." Closed the gap.

Lots more speechifying. He's saying it's easy to get caught up in the distractions and the bickering.....

(I am sick of this election, OK? Can I say that?)

We are here because....

of the more than 100 workers in Logansport, IN.

We are here because of a young man without insurance.

We are here because there are families all across the country who can't pay their insurance and their mortgage.

We are here not here to talk about change for change's sake, but because families need it.

We are here because we can't play the same games....

Now he's knocking McCain for not being about change.

Iraq, war with no exit, etc.

Distracted us from Afghanistan.....

(Can I yawn now?)

Tax cuts offend his conscience. (Well, tax hikes offend more than that...)

10:58 -- Stephen Green:

Eight points is pretty clear and quite convincing -- that Hillary will go on, that Obama is a great pitch man but a lousy closer, and that the Democratic nominating process is dysfunctional at best and bipolar at worst.

Clinton can't quit now, not with Obama showing certain weaknesses with Democratic voters and near-fatal weaknesses with the general electorate. Keep in mind, voters want change, and voters in economically-distressed Pennsylvania more than most. But with them, Obama was either the wrong kind of change, not enough change -- or maybe too much change.

Stephen also comments on why this will go on and on.

What's happening is an excellent argument for smoke filled rooms.

11:02 -- Obama says his wife reminds him he's not a perfect man, and won't be a perfect president. (No, not at the rate he's going, he won't.)

The status quo will fight. You have the power.

(Right now, I'm thinking he will not make the mistake of another overly long speech, which is good, because I'm tired and grouchy and fed up with blogging this.)

Now it's our turn! If we shed cynicism, doubts, fears, we'll change the country and change the world. That's our job, that's our task.

With that I'm signing off. Enough is eventually enough.

ONE LAST THING -- On Fox News, Laura Ingraham just boasted that Rush Limbaugh was a major factor in Hillary's victory.

I don't know how true that is, but Hillary has some strange allies....

posted by Eric on 04.22.08 at 08:12 PM


I'll be glued to my screen waiting for updates.

Does PA have touch screen machines or ballot counters?

M. Simon   ·  April 22, 2008 8:52 PM

This is getting too easy to predict. I called this race 2 years ago. I'll go ahead and call the entire 08 congressional elections right now. I predict that all 425 seats in the House and every contested Senate seat will be won by a liar, cheater, traitor, thief, or pervert.

Joseph Sixpack   ·  April 22, 2008 9:05 PM


Every single office will be won by a crook.

“America is a nation without a distinct criminal class...with the possible exception of Congress." - Mark Twain

M. Simon   ·  April 22, 2008 9:17 PM

They used the touch screen, of course. It was hard to tell whether I'd voted. (I asked the guy, and he said I had.)

Eric Scheie   ·  April 22, 2008 9:23 PM

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