McCain On Obama And The Mortgage Meltdown

McCain echos what I said in The Best Congress Fannie Could Buy. Obama's cronies and advisers are the thieves.

H/T Instapundit

posted by Simon on 09.17.08 at 06:33 AM


So he outs corrupt Obama, his opponent running for President.

The real question is, will he out his other dear friends in his dirty back-door dealing good ole boys and girls club called Congress, the one institution he quite often protects?

I don't think he will which is perhaps why he is blaming Wallstreet.

Seriously, why would McCain expect me to believe more government regulation of Wallstreet will confront the problem when his dear Congressional friends, who are in charge of such oversight, are actually encouraging the looting of the American people?

Congress is the most corrupt institution in America and McCain is a longstanding member of this massive corruption.

Insiders cannot Reform anything, they're too deep in doo-doo to reform; McCain is part of the problem and is too deep in the doo-doo to see he is part of the problem; this is why Americans do not like electing Senators into the White House.

The only one with actual and real experience in taking on corruption is Gov Palin however she's only the VP and the VP hasn't the power to Reform.

Under McCain presidency Congress will remain as corrupt as under an Obama presidency, the only semi-saving grace is Gov Palin; I hope McCain doesn't drag her down into his corruption.

syn   ·  September 17, 2008 8:44 AM

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