The Ties That Bind

You have to wonder what the Russians are thinking.

Syria's official news agency SANA announced Mr. Assad would begin a "working visit" to Moscow on Wednesday at the invitation of Russia's President Dmitry Medvedev.

Ahead of the visit, Mr. Assad told Russia's Kommersant daily on Wednesday that his country's defence ties with Moscow, in the context of developments in Georgia, would be the main issue during his talks. "Of course, military and technical cooperation is the main issue. Weapons purchases are very important," he said, adding: "I think we should speed it up. Moreover, the West and Israel continue to put pressure on Russia."

Mr. Assad said a new situation had arisen after Moscow came across the use of Israeli military equipment by Georgia in its conflict with Russia.

"I think that in Russia and in the world everyone is now aware of Israel's role and its military consultants in the Georgian crisis. And if before in Russia there were people who thought these forces can be friendly, then now I think no one thinks that way."

I think he got that right. He just got it backwards. No one in the world now thinks the Russians are nice friendly folk who just want to do business and enjoy life.
Speaking on the conflict between Georgia and Russia over Georgia's breakaway republic of South Ossetia, Mr. Assad said: "On this issue we fully support Russia. The war, which was unleashed by Georgia, is the culmination of attempts to encircle and isolate Russia."

Earlier, Iran's Press TV, quoting Israeli media reports, said Russia planned to position the nuclear-capable Iskander missiles in Syria. The Israeli report also said Russia could also release to Iran, the advanced S-300 missiles, which had so far been withheld.

Analysts point out the release of advanced Russian military equipment to Syria and Iran is likely to dampen the sentiment of war against Tehran in U.S. political circles. Nevertheless, a large flotilla of U.S. British and French naval ships has been heading towards the Persian Gulf. The naval taskforce, believed to be largest in Gulf waters since the first Gulf War, includes the U.S. warships -- Theodore Roosevelt, Ronald Reagan, and Iwo Jima.

I did a post on that Naval movement Perhaps They Miscalculated. Then yesterday I got this e-mail from Fabius Maximus.
Here is the final nail in the coffin of the rumor featured in your post of August 12. Is a retraction in order? (I apologize if I have overlooked it).

This rumor was widely circulated in the Internet and in the Middle East media, so this is not a trivial issue.

Stop the presses: no naval armada has sailed to blockade Iran!

Summary: For a week rumors about a US armada sailing to the Gulf circulated around the Internet and in Middle Eastern media, despite having almost no supporting evidence. One of the two major sources for the "US fleet sailing to blockade Iran" story now has admitted his error. No word yet from the other (and more high-profile) source, Debkafile (does Debkafile post retractions?) or the blogs which promoted the rumors.

He goes on about the misinformation that the inet is promoting at Fabius Maximus. Which is more or less a reproduction of the e-mail.

Now what do I think? The Theodore Roosevelt was in port at the time I wrote my report according to sources I have found of late: i.e. comments at blogs. However, that does not in my opinion invalidate the general idea of an Iranian blockade in the works. I'd like to wait a week or three and see what happens. He may be right about no blockade. However, it seems if Iran and Syria are getting nuclear capable missiles that could lead to pre-emptive attacks by Israel and precipitate a blockade of Iran by the USA.

It is really hard to see where this is all going. I thought it was 1936 (re:Germany France and the Rhineland) it may be much later than that - 1939 (re: Germany and Russia dismembering Poland). If so we may have a very big war on our hands. All this could have been prevented if the USA was supplying more oil to the world markets limiting the profits of our enemies Russia and Iran, not to mention our "best friend" Saudi Arabia.

Who do I blame for this situation? The Democrats who have declared new American oil sources off limits. Had they allowed drilling and mining of new oil resources it might have defused this run up to a what appears to be a very serious oil war. Evidently they have decided that Blood For Oil is better than drilling for oil. Scum of the earth. And if a single Democrat who is against American contributions to the world oil market is left in the House after November it will just prove we deserve a world wide oil war.

You can watch a video that gives Harry Reid's opinion of drilling for oil and the response of an ordinary citizen at Harry Reid Makes Me Sick. An eye opener.

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posted by Simon on 08.21.08 at 01:10 AM


Is Putin insane? Giving any Muslim nation an advanced weapon system, especially a nuclear one, is tantamount to giving them the knife to slit your own throat. Bassad is a jihadist, he funds jihadists around the world, and he won't hesitate to ship Russian arms to Chechnya to fund the jihad against Russia, or ship them to Kosovo to continue the ethnic cleansing of non-Muslims there. Or he might ship them into Western Europe, witness the big weapons cache recently found in Sweden that may have been sourced from the Balkans.

Bob Smith   ·  August 21, 2008 2:01 AM

I have a paranoid patient who sits with his back to the wall. He perceives anyone looking at him or coming within 10 feet of him as attacking him. The point to remember is that he is not pretending, or using this as a technique to get his way, as a sociopath would. He really believes he's under constant attack.

Assistant Village Idiot   ·  August 21, 2008 10:31 AM

I used to have a problem like that. Anyone coming towards me from my left rear used to give me a burst of fear.

By paying attention and countering my brain signals every time it happened I got over it. I can still get a taste of it if I want to. (Just did) but it is no longer automatic.

M. Simon   ·  August 21, 2008 4:58 PM

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