Beetlemania leads to Arachnophenia

This beetle was trying to get into my house earlier tonight. (I suspect it was attracted to the light emanating from the monitor, but then, I've become computercentric. It might have just been the regular lighting.)


But I think if I was a beetle, I'd prefer to be a beetle spider, like this wonderful hybrid:

VW Beetle spider.jpg

Yeah, I know there's a Fiat Spyder, but I don't think the offspring between that and a Beetle would be quite as dramatic or artistic.

Anyway, this bug business makes the song "Boris the Spider" from the Who come to mind.

I found a great version from 1975:

What do you call all of this? Arachnophenia?

Maybe, but I'm afraid there already is such a thing.

I thought I'd invented the term, but originality has become impossible.

And Hillary is having Spider Man issues. (Yes, politics can devour even elderly comics artists.)

MORE: Via Purple Avenger at Ace I found a perplexing question:

"What kind of love can you get from a spider?"
I don't honestly know.

But, from an arachnophile perspective, husbands come in all flavors.

posted by Eric on 08.18.07 at 11:23 PM


The term "Spyder" which Fiat applied to their sports roadster dates back to horse and carriage days. It referred to a vehicle with a light framework, minimal bodywork, and usually seating for three.

I would like to build a hot rod on this premise powered by an Audi 5-cylinder engine with open exhaust, and call it a barking spyder.

triticale   ·  August 19, 2007 9:04 AM

I had a Fiat Spyder I bought used years ago, and I dearly loved it. Temperamental, but I've never had a better road hugger. Great for driving along mountainous coasts!

Eric Scheie   ·  August 19, 2007 12:32 PM

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