Non-coincidental, six-free, sex-free, evil-free birthday greetings!

Happy Birthday Glenn Reynolds!

(So much for the the serious part.)

I never know how I am supposed to celebrate the birthday of someone like the the blogfather. In 2004 I put on an evil shirt and crossed swords. Then in 2005 I quoted the well wishes from famous people. In 2006. Hmmm.... I didn't do anything! But that was because there were awful tornadoes, I was out of town looking at art, and plus I got checkmated! Oh, and the dog was in heat too! A lot of excuses by any standard.

This year, I have no excuses for forgetting, but no crossed swords, and no pompous greetings from world dignitaries.

Although, as it happens, I am writing this blogfather birthday post despite of the fact that I would have had a perfectly good excuse not to. In another amazing un-coincidence, it just so happens that Coco is in heat yet again.

Here's photographic proof:


(Well, work-safe photographic proof. You'll just have to trust me as to the details.)

I'm wondering.... Can it really be a coincidence that this is the third year in a row that Coco has been in heat on Glenn Reynolds' birthday? "In heat" of course, is little more than another euphemism involving sex. And sex is evil, especially when it involves dogs. And evil involves six, which is so evil that it even sounds like sex! And Reynolds has too much six -- as I'm sure I've documented at least six times -- and talks about too much sex. He's even written a filthy-minded, hedonistic legal theory equating democracy with sex. A theory that was published in 1995 -- for a numerological total of six!

And while I never noticed it before, unless he's lying about his age (and he's gotten Wikipedia to lie for him), the full birthday for Glenn Reynolds is August 27, 1960.

No coincidence there either! 8-27-1960, right?

And 8+2+7+1+9+6 = 33, right?

And what's 3+3?



No wonder this curse is so powerful that even a strong dog like Coco cannot escape it. Cocoincidence? You decide.

While I haven't told Coco about the "puppy blender" business, in honor of Glenn's birthday, I won't. Besides, it wouldn't do to give her any more evil ideas. After all, this is a serious Happy Birthday!

Seriously, Happy Birthday Glenn!

Many thanks!

posted by Eric on 08.27.07 at 06:15 PM


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