InstaBirthday Multi Kultur Kampfire celebration

I thought I would write a simple little post in remembrance of Glenn's birthday, but that proved quite impossible, because he has too many competing fans -- in too many surprising places. Much as I try to be democratic and forward-thinking, I couldn't hope to keep track of all the progressive forces round the world who are thinking of Glenn right now (especially all the world wide, um, InstaWatchers).

There is no way a to impart to Comrade Glenn's birthday celebration the full Internationalist fervor with which the restless masses are clamoring everywhere around the world. That is because we American bloggers are forced to live in the United States, a fascist minded police state, a place of much misinformation and slander orchestrated by lies spread by the Imperialist Press, The Fascist Minded Bush Clique and other Imperialist Bourgeoisie human scum, which all conspire to slander the noble and beautiful progessive forces of the world. We must denounce these lies boldly, and declare our willingness to stand side by side in solemn and profound celebration of Glenn Reynolds' birthday -- by any means necessary. Nothing, not even our very blood, will move us and our beloved comrades from celebrating the historic occasion set before us.

I have humbly designed the following card as a way of showing the International solidarity in support of the wondrous occasion that is Glenn Reynolds' birthday:


I can't keep track of well wishers and InstaWatchers I found, because they're all over the world and all over the Internet, but here are some of the most important voices to weigh in:










What a distinguished group! To see so many great leaders display such emotion on this occasion is a very touching and moving thing by any standard -- be it Collective Liberation, Insurgent Patriotism, or Proletarian Internationalism!

I'll let the Glorious Chairman of the Glenn Reynolds InstaBirthday Internationalist Brigade, Comrade Kim Jong Il, close with a toast:


Happy Birthday Glenn!

UPDATE: Just found this:


Can't please everyone, I guess....

MORE: One of our anonymous but intrepid reporters managed to track down Ward Churchill (who was on the college lecture circuit), and asked him whether he cared to comment on Glenn Reynolds' birthday. He responded with a baffling remark which has been faithfully transcribed:


Really! Is that what you'd really call "being in the Party spirit?"

posted by Eric on 08.27.05 at 12:18 PM


Happy Birthday to Glenn Reynolds -- Zionist Western Imperialist War-Blogger Par Excellence!!!!

And always remember: The supreme raison d'etre of your birth on this glorious day is to send an Instalanche to THE QUEEN OF ALL EVIL....!!!!

"....[a certain excruciatingly interesting blogger --- --- ---- -- --- -- Insta-------'s [....] ---- - ------ -- --- ----- -------.... ....[Steven Malcolm Anderson] is a ------- ------- ----- -------....."
-[another excruciatingly interesting blogger]

If he didn't exist we'd have to invent him.

Mr. Snitch!   ·  August 28, 2005 12:47 AM

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