I'll never get enough of not enough!

I'm probably more of a poop than I should be about these things, but there's nothing like a dare to get my juices flowing.

So, when Megan McArdle defied me to watch this without thinking "I clearly am not doing enough drugs," I couldn't resist the urge to click.

That really is great fun, but as to the not-doing-enough drugs part, the video reminded me of some of Salvador Dalí's art (especially the twistings, morphings, and explosions of the head). Dalí, of course, famously said "I do not take drugs, I am drugs," and this video has a nice placebo effect.

But the more perplexing question is what constitutes "enough"?

I grappled with enoughness earlier in the context of war fatigue.

But that was a reality question, and this one involves drugs. (And isn't the former for people who can't handle the latter?) The drugs-versus-reality dichotomy is compounded by the logical fact that in their pure sense, drugs are real, so the dichotomy is in that sense false.

And are all drugs drugs? Here's Timothy Leary, explaining why LSD is not a drug, but a chemical. (Such statements hardly endeared him to the DEA precursors.)

So maybe the problem isn't that I'm not doing enough drugs, but not enough chemicals.

Clear enough?

posted by Eric on 09.04.07 at 01:23 PM


There are in fact a whole range of what are known as research chemicals which are psychedelics more narrowly specific than LSD. The information is easily found on line to select a molecule which will give the duration, intensity, stimulation, introspection, visualization etc. which suits your purpose.

Also note that DMT, the most overwhelming of psychedelics, is present naturally in the pineal gland, which makes having a head as near to illegal as a yard of phalaris grass.

triticale   ·  September 4, 2007 8:37 PM

Remember, drugs are for recreational purposes only.

Veeshir   ·  September 5, 2007 10:25 AM

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