Hoes for Hos!

While I'm delighted to see the final downfall of ACORN (which I've condemned repeatedly), I'm fascinated by the fact that even though the organization had a long history of voter fraud, mortgage fraud, and the worst sort of political corruption, and all of these outrages were repeatedly exposed, it wasn't until something was uncovered that titillated the public's imagination that Congress decided to do something.

There are evils, and then there are evils. Child prostitution is a titillating evil, and thus inherently more interesting than other evils. I missed the point entirely when I opined that socialism and Communism were worse:

I have a bigger problem with ACORN than I do with even the corrupt child prostitution advocacy that is leading to the organization's downfall, because I think socialism and Communism are worse than aiding and abetting child prostitution.
I didn't stop to realize how out of touch I was with the prevailing view of relative evils in this country.

Perhaps relativism is not the issue, though. Whether Larry Flynt is worse than Joseph Stalin is not the point. Americans don't consider "girls running wild" to be worse than the confiscation of private property; only more interesting.

Had the same filmmakers gone into multiple ACORN offices and coaxed Maoists into admitting that they'd really like to see people being rounded up and taken into fields to hoe the soil at gunpoint, there'd have been a collective yawn. (Like it or not, girls being made into "hos" are more interesting than girls being made to pick up hoes.)

Jon Stewart would not have shown a video of boring Maoists. Nor would it have interested him in the least if there were a half a dozen sting videos documenting ACORN committing wholesale voter fraud, welfare fraud, and mortgage fraud -- even if the ACORN people openly admitted in the videos that their goal was to undermine capitalism and bring about socialism via the Cloward-Piven strategy.

Such things are just business as usual for ACORN, and it would not have been interesting, or funny, or titillating.

Socialism is boring.

The moral lesson, comrades, is that ACORN should have insisted that the girls reform their ways, join workers cadres and go to work in the fields!

posted by Eric on 09.20.09 at 10:53 AM


Thanks for the link.

And I haven't even worked up the sex slavery issue. Heck white sex slaves.

M. Simon   ·  September 20, 2009 12:47 PM

While I'm delighted to see the final downfall of ACORN

What downfall? The leadership and infrastructure still exists. It need merely be transferred to another non-profit.

Bob Smith   ·  September 20, 2009 3:50 PM

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