Can You Believe What He Is Doing Today?

According to this report by a supposed Washington insider, speaker Pelosi (soon to be former speaker) is sharpening her sword and is working to take Obama down.

Once again, CLOSELY watch for Pelosi news. Speaker preparing for departure from Congress, but going to burn bridges as she does so - namely all those leading to the White House. Speculation she will assist in clearing way for Congressional investigations against Obama White House in coming year. In effect, Pelosi willing to help take Obama down. Quote from within her office that came back to me as follows, "How that -expletive- idiot ever got elected is beyond me. Well let's see how he does without me around to carry his -expletive- water." Pelosi very unhappy receiving directive from WH to not attempt any significant legislation during lame duck session. "Leave a mess for the Republicans." Pelosi furious over directive as it will further diminish her legacy. I don't think the lady likes being told what to do...

Also confirmed by two other sources Clinton people have been communicating regularly with Pelosi. Something very big is up w/that.

Of course this is an anonymous source. So how much credibility you give it is up to you.

Other anonymous sources tell me that the hit on Obama will come through the Chicago Broadway Bank and Alexi Giannoulias who may be running for Chicago Mayor will be involved.

There are other hints on the breadth of the scandal.

Broadway Bank made real estate development loans to Tony Rezko, a political fundraiser and real estate developer who was later convicted of fraud and money laundering. Broadway Bank made these loans before Rezko was investigated, indicted, or convicted for any crimes.[49] Before his conviction, Rezko also received loans from other Chicago banks, including Bank of Chicago, First Bank and Trust of Illinois, GE Capital, Harris Trust and Savings, LaSalle Bank, and Manufacturers Bank.[49]

Giannoulias himself did not make the Rezko loans.[50]

Rezko defaulted on loans made by Broadway, and, in 2006 Broadway was the first bank to foreclose on one of Rezko's delinquent loans, forcing him to declare bankruptcy.[51] Broadway Bank also refused to cover nine bad checks written by Rezko for a total of $450,000 in early 2008[52]

Giannoulias never accepted campaign contributions from Rezko.[41]

Broadway Bank also loaned money for real estate developments to Michael Giorango, who has been convicted for prostitution and bookmaking.[10] Giannoulias has stated that he was not part of the loan committee that approved the loans to Giorango.[53]

You will remember that the house that the Obamas bought was adjacent to some property Rezko owned. In fact the property used to be part of the lot Obama's house sat on before Rezko bought it.

Lots of speculation. Little real news - so far.

Me? I'm going to Google Chicago Broadway Bank when ever I wake up from sleep or a nap until the story breaks or I get tired of doing that.

Backyard Conservative has another Morning Joe video and a list of some of the Chicago Broadway Bank loans to criminals.

I'd say we have smoke. I can't wait for the fire.

Note: click on the Rezko tag on the sidebar at Power and Control if you want more details about what is known. Let me add that a lot of this was known before Obama got elected. And few of the major media outlets have been interested in following this up. I wonder why?

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posted by Simon on 11.13.10 at 02:10 PM


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