A meeting of "west" and "east"

I'm back from Illinois (which is west of Michigan and yet seems somehow more "East") and looking through my pictures.

Here's me and M. Simon, right after eating dinner at the Irish Rose in Rockford.


I ate pork imposingly, and M. Simon had an imposing cheeseburger.

It's not often that all the problems of the world are solved over a single dinner, but we did our best.

While we had a frank exchange of views over whether the best form of government is statist libertarian collectivism or libertarian statist collectivism, obviously we both feel that people should not be denied their traditional right to be told what to do unless they are also freed from being told what not to do.

If only the details of how to impose on people's rights weren't so complicated.

posted by Eric on 11.28.10 at 11:12 PM


Little doubt the cheeseburger's total of sesame seeds was unknown to Eric unless he brought a periscope. :)

Guys, I'm flattered. Really. I'm not joking. You've spent a huge amount of effort on a commenter of no particular status. Its like being Sarah Palin to your Obama and Rahm.

But just admit that I've broken one of the standard libertarian arguements, and move on. Its not like I've totally refuted libertarianism. Even agreeing that libertarianism is a moral position does not mean that libertarianism might not be the Correct Moral Position.

We're all imposing on each other, we just need to figure out what the correct imposition is.

And if you're ever done to Nashville, I might be able to take you out, and show you proper BBQ. We can impose on PETA together, and hey, in Tennessee they let you shoot sandwhich stealers. Happy Thanksgiving.

Tennwriter   ·  November 29, 2010 10:47 PM

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