Let the losers be as cocky they want

Not only do I completely agree with Glenn Reynolds that the Republicans should not get cocky, I think the avoidance of cockiness ought to be Rule Number One in politics. In fact, I don't even think that winning an election is a license to get cocky. Even less is it a license to be a sore winner; if anything, the goal of whoever won should be to prove their worthiness to the voters. Unfortunately, that is not the way politics works.

However, some of the signs I see might incline me towards cockiness if I were that type of person. The other day I saw that Barney Frank needed Bill Clinton to campaign for him -- and that's in a Democratic district supposedly as sure as they come.

On top of that, I saw today that Barbara Boxer cannot even manage to get the endorsement of the left wing San Francisco Chronicle! If she can't even get their endorsement, her situation is indeed hopeless.

Which means that unless conservatives snatch defeat from the jaws of victory, there is hope.

But I hasten to add that hope is nothing to get cocky about.

posted by Eric on 09.26.10 at 10:36 PM


It all depends on what they do in office. But finally! we are Americans and we can vote them in and vote them out.

M. Simon   ·  September 26, 2010 11:26 PM

The thing is, the Republicans are all too capable of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory... one might even say it's likely. As a St. Louis Cardinals fan, though, I'm used to it.

John S.   ·  September 27, 2010 9:34 AM

I'm almost more afraid of a GOP victory.

I just don't think they've learned their lesson yet.

I'd love to see 2 years of a Congress split 50/50 between Greens and Libertarians.

We'd get almost as much entertainment as we're getting now but they would get absolutely nothing done.
That's win/win in my book.

Veeshir   ·  September 27, 2010 3:37 PM

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