Behead those who insult robots!

I hate to insult robots, as nothing could be more wastive of time. But a spam commenter named "Kendrick Treine" tried to leave a comment that had me laughing so hard that even though it was caught by the spam-catcher, I was almost tempted to un-junk it.

According to Kendrick (who obviously writes from the virtual heart), I am loved. At least, my blog is loved. But there's a catch!

Well let me to just say that I love your blog first of all. Besides that, I want to mention that I am a big believer in quality in my camping gear. I believe that it's better to buy costly, but quality equipment rather than spend very little money on poor craftsmanship gear. It really pays off in the end.
The topic was how our petrodollars pay for the "education" of Salafist idiots who want to behead their critics.

So now that I am in literal robot mode I am forced to wonder how the comment might relate to that.


Maybe the money we spend at the gas pump should go to better quality camping gear.

Like more of these swords, perhaps?

They're certainly useful for chopping off things.

Of course, they might cost an arm and a leg!

(Have to keep a cool head, you know...)

posted by Eric on 09.18.10 at 10:10 PM


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