"I will never vote for a Democrat again"

Glenn Reynolds and Rand Simberg have pointed out something which is culturally very important: the Democrats have lost Howard Stern:

When you lose Howard Stern you've lost ordinary, everyday people. Politically, Stern is left-center to left-leaning and casually to moderately well-informed. He is done with democrats. He now sees them as communists. Many of his listeners will follow his lead.
I love Howard Stern and listened to him for many, many years. While I was discouraged when he joined the anti-Bush bandwagon, I understood his reasons. But now that the Democrats (whom he supported many times) are showing their true colors, he's really fed up. Whether you like him or not, Howard is an important barometer of how ordinary working class people feel, and he's in touch with the pulse of the guys who are up at the crack of dawn, unloading the delivery trucks, and basically getting the shitwork done that makes things function.

When Howard Stern declares "The Democrats Are Communists," that truly means they have lost the working class. Ordinary people now realize that the Democrats are elitist poseurs who want to run their lives and nationalize everything.

"I will never vote for a Democrat again."

Go Howard!

MORE: Via Phelps, a reminder!

posted by Eric on 03.19.10 at 07:09 PM


Don't forget this one -- the Dems seemingly have:


Phelps   ·  March 20, 2010 1:37 AM

Slow on the uptake, huh Howard? I determined the democrats weren't worth a vote ten years ago, when they began to proudly demonstrate such hysterical bad character I realized that no leftist was fit to govern himself, let alone anyone else.

Brett   ·  March 21, 2010 8:38 AM

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