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Eric commented on a series of e-mails between us and was wondering if the Christian Conservative wing of the Tea Party Movement was trying to lever the libertarians out of the movement by gay bashing and other culture war memes. He referenced this post on which I commented:

M. Simon says:

What you saw was a Tea Party event. Which is not the same as the Tea Party Movement.

But I encourage all you lefties to stay confused and dismissive.

As to Tea Party fraud? For charging money? OK I'm down wit that. The Government is a bigger fraud. It makes me pay for things I don't even want at the point of a gun.

Posted On: Sunday, Feb. 7 2010 @ 1:03PM

Which backs up the advice given by some panelists at the convention. Find a group you like and work with it. It is not about regions (although that comes into play during elections). It is about that old 60s revolutionary's term "affinity groups". Find one you like and work with it.

Tea Party Patriots is a good resource for finding like minded patriots. They are the people behind The Contract With America.

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posted by Simon on 02.11.10 at 04:43 PM


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