Is This October? I'm Surprised

What really surprises me this October is that the October surprises are coming so early in October.

The normal time for them is the Friday before the election. Certainly no more than a week before the election. You don't want to give too much time for counter battery fire.

I think the Democrats are panicked. Bad panicked. Pissing, crapping, moaning in the fetal position panicked. When the troops get disorderly it is no longer just a defeat, it is a rout. Everything they do makes it worse and they are terrified of doing nothing.

How will it all end? Republicans at 100+ House seats is looking better every day.

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Commenter filbert makes an excellent point:

Early voting is, I think, coming back to bite the Democrats in the posterior . . .

He also says that now is no time to let up. Pursue, pursue, pursue......

posted by Simon on 10.09.10 at 09:13 AM


Early voting is, I think, coming back to bite the Democrats in the posterior . . .

The time to press the advantage is exactly when the enemy is in disarray . . .

Time to walk your neighborhoods, talk to your friends and neighbors, do your own one-on-one "ground game," talk up liberty-friendly candidates.

Don't wait for the Republican Party or a candidate's campaign or a Tea Party group to contact you.

Get out and do it. It's your country.

filbert   ·  October 9, 2010 12:10 PM

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