Those frightening Republicans

President Barack Obama has told the Republicans to "stop trying to frighten the American people."

Surely he jests.

There are a lot of things that might be said about the Republicans, but right now they are no position to frighten the American people. They couldn't frighten their way out of a paper bag.

This is not to say the American people aren't frightened, though, because they are. Of Barack Obama's policies. And President Obama should be frightened by this poll:

Perhaps the greatest measure of Obama's declining support is that just 50% of voters now say they prefer having him as President to George W. Bush, with 44% saying they'd rather have his predecessor. Given the horrendous approval ratings Bush showed during his final term that's somewhat of a surprise and an indication that voters are increasingly placing the blame on Obama for the country's difficulties instead of giving him space because of the tough situation he inherited. The closeness in the Obama/Bush numbers also has implications for the 2010 elections. Using the Bush card may not be particularly effective for Democrats anymore, which is good news generally for Republicans and especially ones like Rob Portman who are running for office and have close ties to the former President.
I only hope the Democrats use the Bush card to "frighten" the American people. Again and again.

Why, they could even use this to scare them!


(I'd be willing to bet that Barack Obama would think it's frightening.)

MORE: Sean Kinsell links this post and shares some related thoughts about the brave entertainers who stood up to Bush:

Thrilling as it may have been to pretend to be all scared by Karl Rove, none of these people risked anything close to the midnight knock at the door.
Of course, if they wanted to imagine that their conduct constituted "bravery," little wonder they put the Republicans in Nazi uniforms and Klan robes.

posted by Eric on 12.10.09 at 04:08 PM


Let me get this straight:

The party that -

Tells us that unless we start generating all our power from fairy dust and unicorn farts that "We're all gonna DIE!";

Tells us that unless we convert to a centralized command-and-control economy that "We're all gonna DIE!";

Tells us that we must let government remake our health care system into a socialist version or, you guessed it, "We're all gonna DIE!"

- wants the Republicans to stop scaring people. Do I have the gist of it?

alanstorm   ·  December 11, 2009 3:06 PM

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