Flaky food for flaking off

I am so not-in-the-mood for blogging that I feel like flaking out totally.

But that wouldn't do, would it? I have a blog which is alive and which requires daily posts, and to not supply them is tantamount to negligence. Like having a fish tank (which I have) and neglecting to put food in it.

Actually, the fish tank is a bad analogy for several reasons. One is that my readers will not starve. Two is that you can go a day or two without feeding fish and they'll be fine. Neglect a blog for two or three days, and it starts to look dead. (If you're the obsessive compulsive type, which many bloggers are, it starts to look dead after two or three hours.) Another difference is that fish are more tolerant of my flakiness than readers, and they couldn't care less what kind of mood I'm in and whether or not I feel like feeding them. They just gobble the food, which consists of big plastic bags full of fish flakes. Fancy that!

But seeing that there are no fish flakes for readers, I thought I would do the flaky thing and simply upload YouTube videos.

Here's Chuck Berry, performing a truly great version of one of my favorite Chuck Berry songs, "Let It Rock":

And here's Jerry Garcia, doing Chuck Berry's song:

Nothing political there, and there's no need for there to be.

Surely no one could mount a politically-based objection to music? It's not as if Chuck Berry's sex life should matter to anyone. Or for that matter, Jerry Garcia's drug habit. I mean, I like both of those guys (and I truly loved Jerry Garcia), but surely that doesn't make them role models for me to follow, does it?

It's not as if the Beatles were responsible for Art Linkletter's daughter taking LSD and jumping out the window, just because they took LSD and bragged about it....

Why, I'm feeling so flaky that I don't think I should be held responsible for anyone doing anything because I did it.

So, I would hardly pattern my sex life after Chuck Berry's sex life, nor would I pattern my recreational activities after Jerry Garcia's. But the thing is, I loved Jerry Garcia, and I can remember that when he got in legal trouble I was totally on his side, defended him against all criticism, and wished him the best. While he was a rock star (and I am sure had countless girls of all ages throwing themselves at him) I don't remember his ever managing to get into a sex scandal, least of all of the Chuck Berry variety. But if he had, I would have remained on his side and defended him to the best of my ability, even if I completely disapproved of what he had done. That may be irrational, but it has something to do with love (and maybe loyalty), and it would be a lot worse if the wrongdoer were a close friend or family member.

Again, I'm glad none of this is political, for I'm so sick of such "politics" that I want to scream.

Nice to have the opportunity to be flaky for a change.

Last of all, some food via photo synthesis. When my plecostomus gets hungry, he chews on things, including his hermit crab:


While it's plastic, it would not be accurate to call it a plastic plecostomus pacifier, because algae grows on it, and the fish eats the algae.

That's another difference between an aquarium and a blog. No algae grows here, and there are no algae eaters. No real photosynthesis here.

Only fake!

MORE: When I edited the above I realized that I should have put "politics" in quotes, so I did.

But I shouldn't've. Because it doesn't matter whether I think it should be politics or not. It is!

posted by Eric on 10.03.09 at 12:49 PM


You should add a piece or two of Malaysian driftwood for your pleco to munch on. Not that hard stuff from Africa (mopani wood, I think they call it), but the softer stuff that they can actually rasp off tiny pieces of and digest. They also like to eat those mineral blocks that various companies sell to keep your tank's kH and gH stable.

The brown stuff behind this pleco looks like it might be fake driftwood (something about the grain), which is why I am offering this thought.

HT   ·  October 3, 2009 8:41 PM


Thanks for the post. I too am a big fan Garcia and the Grateful Dead from a musical perspective, but that's where it starts and ends.

I enjoyed the music and it was a welcome respite from politics and the soon to be another leg down economy.

Barrett   ·  October 4, 2009 12:26 AM

Hi there,
Amazing! Not clear for me, how offen you updating your www.classicalvalues.com.

Saurooon   ·  October 4, 2009 1:29 PM

I don't worry about posting on any particular schedule, because about 80% of my hits from regulars come from the feed now. I figure they will see when I've posted, and won't worry when I haven't (as long as I don't go weeks, when I start getting emails.)

I would take a look at your statistics and see how many of your readers are on feeds before you work up too much anxiety.

Phelps   ·  October 4, 2009 8:32 PM

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