Some things are worse than terrorism

If this doesn't make Barack Obama lose the endorsement of the Humane Society of the United States, I don't know what will:

Senator Barack Obama, recently taking more criticism for his associations with unrepentant terrorist William Ayers and racist preacher Jeremiah Wright, has now been found to have yet another questionable associate: Blogger and brutal killer of puppies Glenn Reynolds.

[NOTE: Gruesome photo omitted in the interest of decency and decorum.]

Reynolds is a blogger, a type of writer who slanders others on the internet while wearing sleeping garments. Even more disturbingly, it's well documented that to keep up the energy to "blog" all day long, Glenn Reynolds puts live puppies into blenders and consumes the results. This has earned him the name "puppy blender" from fellow bloggers.

(Via the unrepentant puppy blender himself, who not only doesn't deny it, but who no doubt wishes he'd blended more!)

Naturally, the Obama campaign is trying to minimize or deny what Reynolds freely admits:

The exact association between Glenn Reynolds and Barack Obama is unclear, but when Reynolds was asked whether the two had associated in past, he answered, "Indeed." The Obama campaign was less forthcoming, finally claiming that Obama barely knows Reynolds and has simply had drinks with him on a few occasions. When asked what those drinks were, his campaign said, "It is not reasonable to expect Barack Obama to know the ingredients of everything he imbibes." They also denied that Obama knew Reynolds puts puppies in blenders, even though this is a well known fact on the internet.

Governor Sarah Palin was quick to seize on this controversy, saying at a campaign stop, "Glenn Reynolds is a horrible man....

Little wonder she said that. Saran Palin happens to be founding member of the Wasilla chapter of PeTA.

The animal rights people better re-think this one -- especially the Humane Society of the United States.

So far, PETA has had the good sense not to endorse an admitted, unabashed chicken eater. I think this bloody blender business clinches it.

As the saying goes, a chicken is a puppy is a fetus is a blogger!

MORE: I don't know whether the McCain team is doing this as a way of striking back, but GayPatriot is puppy-blogging the debate! (Via Stephen Green, who's drinking plain old alcohol.)

posted by Eric on 10.07.08 at 09:03 PM


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