Real "change" I'd like to see...

Via Glenn Reynolds, I see that John McCain is getting what I consider a little help from Donald Rumsfeld, who (so far) has repaid McCain by declining to back his candidacy.

I say this not to attack Rumsfeld, but McCain needs to distance himself from the Bush administration in order to win. Not only that, his very political ethos right now is built on having been right about Iraq, when Rumsfeld was wrong. If Rumsfeld were to actually endorse McCain, it would tend to minimize these differences in the minds of the voters, so I think the continued animosity is probably in the best interests of the McCain campaign, as well as Rumsfeld's personal pride.

But the piece says Rumsfeld may eventually support McCain anyway:

Some of McCain's colleagues in the Senate said they believe Rumsfeld will eventually support the GOP candidate.

"He will be for him in due time," Sen. John Thune (R-S.D.) said. Based on his long experience with national security, Rumsfeld will see "a clear contrast between" McCain and Obama, Thune said.

Rumsfeld's vote will be for McCain, Thune surmised, because "he cares about the country's national security."

Chambliss, who is McCain's and Thune's colleague on the Senate Armed Services Committee, said, "McCain would like to have every vote he can get." Whatever differences the two had should not matter when it comes down to support on Election Day, Chambliss added.

The Rumsfelds live in the blue state of Maryland, which Obama is heavily favored to win.

Well, Rumsfeld could hardly be expected to ever support Barack Obama. Unless, of course, he had a Robert McNamara-style "epiphany," regretted his "war crimes," and agreed (perhaps with "real tears") to face the people's tribunals.

Maybe Obama could promise him a pardon, and they could work together.

For change!

And "reconcilation."

(Phew. I'm glad this is satire. Otherwise, we might be looking at an Obama Rumsfeld ticket! Ugh.)

MORE: Putting aside the pressing issue of Rumsfeld's vice presidential chances, what about Obama's LUST FOR BACON?

No, I don't mean Kevin! Come on, I'm trying to be serious, because this is a serious bacon issue. And via Glenn Reynolds, I see Ann Althouse is wondering whether the Obamas' lust for bacon is a bit overwrought, and reflects something else:

...such a huge deal was made out of the Obamas' lust for bacon, that I've started wondering if it was intended as a denial of the rumor that Obama is a Muslim.

Is the Obama campaign in danger of overdoing the I-am-not-a-Muslim routine? After all, it's not bad to be Muslim.

Nor is it bad to lust for bacon. (Unless you're a Muslim, of course.)

Might this also be a clever way of insinuating a libertarianish element into the campaign? In another post, Ann Althouse declares that because of the Obama pork passion,

The health nannying is shot to hell.
I agree.

Maybe Obama could wear this T-shirt.

MORE: Via Glenn Reynolds, I see that Karl Rove is also being mean to John McCain, accusing him of spouting "economic nonsense."

Politically, what matters most is not whether McCain spouted nonsense, but that he's getting it from such quintessential Bushian stalwarts as Rumsfeld and Rove.

However, considering Rove's legendary Satan status, I don't expect him to make Obama's VP short list.

(I might be wrong, of course....)

posted by Eric on 06.19.08 at 09:36 AM


Althouse is delusional if she thinks the Dems have to abandon health nannying just because Obama likes bacon. After all, he smokes too, and neither will prevent a whole raft of measures, such as punitive taxation on Fritos and Jack Daniels, to make us better than we are.

Remember everything Michelle told us Barry would "require" us to do? We're about to elect the Satanic spawn of Richard Simmons and R. Lee Ermey. But it'll be good for us, I'm sure.

Steve Skubinna   ·  June 19, 2008 11:53 AM

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