Yes, I'm leaving this morning for another long road trip to the Midwest.

My blogging output will necessarily be light to nonexistent, but with any luck M. Simon will keep people entertained and enlightened. (Don't miss his latest fusion report.)

I'll try to check in when I can, time and weather permitting.

Ugh, weather! People in Philadelphia are dying. Ever since Katrina, weather has gotten to be almost as bad as politics. No; it is politics. The subtext is that people are victims of right wing weather caused by Bush's stubborn recalcitrance. But what will happen when they can't spin the weather as Republican? And if the weather improves, who will take the credit?

Hmmmm... Maybe I should confront the weather god while I'm in the Midwest, and ask him to stop all this tornado hypocrisy. And Stop the Warming Now!

wind god.jpg

Looks like a friendly and approachable enough god to me.

I'll let you know whether my weather manipulation works.

posted by Eric on 06.13.08 at 07:43 AM


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