Doggedly pursuing the "Humasexual" double standard

Coco is sleek and svelte, and has been compared to both Audrey Hepburn and Kim Novak. She's wonderful dog, but my only disagreement with her is that she's a Hillary supporter. That's not surprising, though. Because, being a pit bull, Coco admires grit and stamina, and Hillary Clinton has that. Moreover, Hillary is a female, and Coco prefers women to men. The combination of being tough like a pit bull, plus female, is enough to win Coco over completely. That Hillary has even been compared to a pit bull makes this whole thing a no-brainer, actually. And, far from being a no-brainer, Coco has the brain the size of your average lime.

I don't spend much time discussing politics with Coco, but occasionally when the occasion arises, I'll run things past her. During the hubbub over the Hillary cackle laugh, I thought I'd let Coco weigh in on the laugh, and when I set it as my telephone ring tone and played it for her, she was curious and attentive, and listened carefully. (Not bad for a dog; many a politician would give their eye teeth to get a similar reaction from humans.)

Today, when I learned that the Hillary/Huma sex scandal had heated up again, I thought I'd gauge Coco's reaction to the story.

As you can see, she is not very happy.


She doesn't even want to look at it. Perhaps she's in denial. Then again, she might be jealous of Huma. (Coco is very possessive.)

And according to the article, so is Bill.


Anonymous political insiders have told the Globe that there's been a major showdown, between Bill and Hill over Huma:

Humiliated Bill Clinton went berserk and angrily ordered Hillary to ditch the sexy beauty who has dragged her into a lesbian love scandal that's spreading shock waves around the world, political insiders say.

In a screaming showdown shortly after Hillary's stunning victory in the Pennsylvania Democratic Primary, sources say jealous Clinton confronted his wife about her sultry aide Huma Abedin and laid down the law, saying "It's HER or ME!"

No, I am not making this up; it's a direct quote from the Globe, which also cites their previous reporting, as well as London's Sunday Times:
As GLOBE reported in our May 5 issue, an avalanche of published reports are now linking Hillary, 60, and Huma as gay lovers. Rumors about a lesbian romance between HIllary and the aide who is with her day and night have also scorched the Internet -- and even popped up in the respected Sunday Times in London.
There's more, of course.

I'm not trying to pick on Hillary here, but the fact is that I have already posted -- repeatedly -- about the gay scandal allegations involving Barack Obama, and I'm trying to be fair.

Whether there's any actual proof, who knows? Coco clearly thinks this "Humasexual" stuff is beneath her dignity, and even though I suspect that she might be jealous of Huma, none of it has changed her opinion about Hillary. Coco is family to me, so I respect that.

However, there's a double standard which I think may be a bit over Coco's head.

Suppose that Barack Obama was always in the company of a sexy male model who was with him night and day, 24/7.

Wouldn't that be an even bigger deal than this?

Would it remain in the tabloids?

posted by Eric on 05.06.08 at 05:00 PM


If Bill really wanted to show he was a true child of the 60s he would have screamed.

"Its her AND me. Together with you. How can you be my wife and not share?"

Lesbians, yum.

M. Simon   ·  May 6, 2008 5:26 PM

You've just gotta stop letting the tabloids get to you like this. The world was ever thus. Have a Guinness.

Assistant Village Idiot   ·  May 6, 2008 9:14 PM

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