Going gently into the good night?

Much as I find it hard to believe that Hillary Clinton is no longer invincible nor inevitable, that seems to be happening.

I realize that Bill Clinton said he would work in the background, but I find it tough to believe they don't have a few more tricks up their sleeve. The Clintons' predicament is that while they are past masters at the game of political hardball, hardball tactics make them look especially bad when they're used against Obama:

Part of the reason Clinton is under such pressure now is because there is a growing disdain for exactly the kind of tactics Halperin recommends. To the Clintons this is just business as usual: it's how the rough and tumble game of politics is played. But they've been shocked, and put on the defensive, because Democrats are increasingly troubled by the way the game looks when it's played inside their own party against a candidate like Obama.
I don't see that the Clintons have any choice now -- regardless of how it looks.

Hillary and Obama are even in the polls (Gallup shows Hillary as slightly ahead), so I'm not going to count her out.

I'm expecting some sort of major dirty trick, if not a trump card.

These people are not good losers.

Hell, they've already unleashed the Krugabeast, who is doing his damnedest Nixonize Obama.

Krugman wouldn't be doing that unless Hillary Rodham Nixon wanted another Nixon to kick around.

We've already seen three bouts of tears, but what I want to know is, who gets to play Checkers?

Well, at least no one accused Nixon of pimping his dog!

(Politics was so much cleaner in those days....)

UPDATE (02/13/08): Rick Moran says that Hillary is in hot water, and he suspects that "beginning this week, the calls will start coming for Hillary Clinton to drop out of the race in the name of party unity."

During Watergate, senior GOP leaders like Barry Goldwater called on Nixon to resign to preserve national unity, and save the country from the ordeal of impeachment. That he did resign shows that he considered some things bigger than himself.

Whether Hillary cares more for herself than party unity remains to be seen.

posted by Eric on 02.11.08 at 04:08 PM


The Clintons have a few tricks up their sleeves. Lawsuits to seat Hillary-committed delegations from Michigan and Florida. The new campaign manager, the corrupt, but blindly-loyal Maggie Williams, hired as part of the counter-offensive in the Afr-Am community.

Faux scandals about Obama will soon be trumpeted in Clinton-friendly media, who've been well-trained to toe the Clinton party line. Just ask David Schuster (and Keith Olbermann, who thinks the word "pimp" may only be used when referring to Republicans). The scandals could be about drugs (they've laid the foundation for that), or sex (really daring considering both of the Clinton's history), or staff relations, or whatever. The subject doesn't matter because it will be wholly manufactured. Look for the scandals to break Friday, February 29: the weekend before the crucial Ohio and Texas primaries.

Obama may be analogous to MLK, but Hillary is analogous to Malcolm X, who famously said: "by any means necessary."

Rhodium Heart   ·  February 11, 2008 4:32 PM

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Distriba   ·  February 11, 2008 5:15 PM

I wonder if the cuban flag with che's mug on it in obama's Houston campaign office was a clinton dirty trick...

M. Murcek   ·  February 11, 2008 8:49 PM

Maybe Teddy Kennedy will take them for a ride in his car!


DoubleTapper   ·  February 12, 2008 2:54 AM

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