Desperate Hillary is stuck on silly

This piece by Democratic blogger David Musgrove takes a skeptical look at Hillary Clinton's latest bit of unoriginal and desperate sloganeering -- which can fairly be called the "It is time to get real" campaign:

"It is time to get real -- to get real about how we actually win this election, and get real about the challenges facing America," Clinton lectured. "Let's get real. Let's get real about this election, let's get real about our future, let's get real about what it is we can do together."

Given that Clinton's remarks were delivered during a fundraising event for her campaign, it is no surprise that the crowd cheered these lines. But for Democrats outside the Clinton bubble -- an increasingly large group these days -- attacking voters for being detached from reality is sure to rankle.

I don't mean to sound like a moralistic scold (for my standards are quite low and I normally don't care about these things), but since Hillary has repeatedly gone out of her way to accuse Barack Obama of plagiarism, I can't give her a pass on this one.

It's not just that Hillary has used "Let's get real" as choice of words, but she has plagiarized them in a political context nearly identical to the way they were used recently by a leading religious conservative blog -- in a post dated February 06, 2008, titled "Time To Get Real." The subject? That conservatives need to acknowledge political realities and support John McCain.

Considering that Evangelical Outpost, Hugh Hewitt, and Powerline are all cited in support of the "Time To Get Real" argument, I find it tough to believe that Hillary's Internet-savvy team didn't notice it.

Now, while I happen to think that it's a little ridiculous to level a charge of plagiarism for recycling words and phrases, Hillary set herself up for this ridicule, and Barack Obama was right to say that she was "getting into silly season."

But since Hillary is stuck on silly, I only thought it fair to point out that additionally, there's a well-known film titled "Get Real" about British gay teens falling in love. (A film, BTW, that was made when Hillary was first lady.) There was also a "Get Real" TV series, as well as a song by David Bowie and Brian Eno. Thus, Hillary Clinton has arguably plagiarized conservative Republicans, a gay film, a TV series (which is literally "serial" plagiarism), and David Bowie and Brian Eno!

I agree with Musgrove that it's desperation.

And while I doubt she will, I think it may be time for Hillary to get real.

(Hey, she could at least get real about plagiarism.....)

posted by Eric on 02.23.08 at 09:42 AM


I guess day by day Hillary gets become less loyal towards her position. In the initial part of her campaigns, she concentrate on the changes and ideas which she believe to bring to the US but later and now she focusing completely on to attack Obama. I think this not a right to go about it...
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Smith   ·  February 23, 2008 12:27 PM

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