She's No Richard Nixon

She's worse.

From the trailer for Hillary The Movie.

Side note: if any one recognizes the guy who said that in the trailer I'd like to give him credit.

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Update: 20 Dec 007 0755z

Reader Vince P - Chicago at Classical Values says the guy with the Nixon bit is Peter F. Paul. You can learn a bit more about him at Paul vs Clinton.

posted by Simon on 12.19.07 at 12:42 AM


The guy who said that is Peter Paul

Vince P - Chicago   ·  December 19, 2007 10:32 PM

When I started looking at the Peter Paul case I realized that this was part of a pattern of Hillary's... then the pattern became obvious and once you understand the source of the pattern you understand why she can have Peter Paul be such a good friend one day and 'Peter who?' the next.

Peter Paul was a stepping stone, a means to an end and she would expend a couple of people in her effort to get to that end point. HRC is very good at getting people to take the fall for her... extremely good... that, too, is part of the pattern.

If you come to think that this is only the 'latest' problem, then you have willfully forgotten previous ones... HRC is very good at getting people to forget, too. It isn't mind control, just playing on emotions until one gets so emotionally exhausted that they *want* to forget. I know I did! And realized that if I can succumb to that, then others might, too...

When I started looking at the articles, I remembered... remembered the drama, the acting out, the mouthpieces, the sudden 'distractions', the buried news, the stonewalling, and then new drama to cover up what had just happened.

If you have forgotten its because you were too tired to want to continue on with the new drama and babble and finger-pointing and corruption and underlings becoming fall guys. I do not hate now that I understand, but I will not be an emotional pawn in that game any longer.

Will you?

ajacksonian   ·  December 20, 2007 4:40 PM

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