See how they run!

In an earlier post, M. Simon was comparing the left to cockroaches, whom he suggested should be defeated in November. While I don't normally resort to insect analogies to describe people, I guess I have been known to compare people to bonobo chimps. And it's not as if leftists have hesitated to liken their conservative brethren to cockroaches.

Anyway, I now see (via Glenn Reynolds) that (in addition to Newsweek coverage), no less than the Washington Post is calling the New Black Panther voter-intimidation case a "political bombshell."


Countless bloggers have been up in arms about the case for weeks (I wrote a post titled "What did the Post know and when did they know it?"), and of course Pajamas Media has been on it from the start -- even hiring as a writer the Justice Department attorney who was fired.

I predict that there will be a whole lot of scurrying going on. They might not be cockroaches, but they share with them an intolerance of bright lights.

With any luck, they will all be running in different directions.

MORE: Via Glenn Reynolds, a Pajamas Media report:

Sworn affidavits from Hans A. von Spakovsky and Karl Bowers, who worked with J. Christian Adams in the DOJ's Civil Rights Division, offer broad confirmation of the whistleblower's accusations of bias in enforcing voting rights.
I think a saying from Watergate applies to Panthergate: "the coverup is worse than the crime."

posted by Eric on 07.15.10 at 02:06 PM


I think it was either Joseph Sobran or Tom Bethell who came up with the term "the Hive" to describe the Left, which is an apt analogy given both the Left's politico-economic collectivism and its hive-mind, which seems to pick up the party-line du jour with magically swift antennae.

Or we could compare the Left to ants, which they shouldn't object to since the anthill seems to mirror their vision of the ideal society.

Bilwick   ·  July 16, 2010 10:38 AM

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