Saturday night mystery song

Earlier today I found a longtime favorite doo-wop song that I've listened to for years recently uploaded to YouTube.

Hardly a video, but it does have a cute picture, and I also think it's cute that it has only had 23 views!

The song is the mysterious "Oh You," by an obscure doo-wop group called The Chalons. Great rhythm, great vocals, great piano and an amazing guitar lead. There's also a disconcerting skip at 2:01 -- in exactly the same place as in the MP3 version that's on my player, so it's probably the same tune that's been lovingly passed around.

I would love to know more about them. Anything about them. Despite a diligent search, though, I have been able to learn next to nothing about this very talented group, except I did learn that someone else has also discovered nothing:

The Chalons were a typical black doo-wop group of the time. I cannot find out more about them.
When the only thing you can find out after a long search is someone else saying he can't find out anything, you know you're in trouble searching.

They're great, though, and I'd like to help immortalize them, whether I know anything about them or not.

(Whether the Chalons were named after the important ancient battle, will probably remain equally mysterious.)

posted by Eric on 02.07.10 at 12:50 AM


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