Smoke-filled chat

Anyone get a load of Harry Reid's fireside chat? It was very picturesque -- right down to the details of a split-wood fire:

It was the 75th anniversary of President Roosevelt's first Fireside Chat in 1933, delivered in the depths of the Great Depression. But with FDR long gone and a Republican in the White House, there was no obvious way to commemorate the occasion. So Reid and his aides hatched a plan: They lighted a split-wood fire in the green-marble fireplace in his office, pulled a leather armchair in front of it and invited reporters in for a "Fireside Podcast" delivered by Harry Delano Roosevelt. Or was it Franklin Delano Reid?
I don't know what name should be bestowed on Reid, but I feel a duty to the earth to point out that what Reid and his aide did was a grotesque waste of carbon resources which sent the wrong environmental message.

Not only is burning wood in a fireplace bad for the environment, but it is a crime in a growing number of American communities, and the fireplaces themselves are rapidly becoming illegal:

Builders will be banned from installing wood-burning fireplaces in new homes, and it will be illegal to buy and install one when remodeling a home. Gas-burning fireplaces will be allowed.
I don't know what the laws are in Washington, so I'm not about to issue a call for a special prosecutor. (Besides, legislators usually exempt government -- and themselves -- from all such laws, which is why school buses and "recycling" trucks are free to pollute like hell.)

Remember, this appalling misuse of carbon resources is coming from a guy who wants to "toughen air standards," and calls for crackdowns on the evil coal industry.

I'm not calling Harry Reid a criminal (or even a hypocrite), but shouldn't he be setting an example?

What's next? A FDR-style cigarette in a holder?

Perhaps this is just a question of Harry Reid needing to get with the times. I mean, I've waxed nostalgically over the "SPLIT WOOD NOT ATOMS!" generation, but that movement went out of style, and by the early 90s it was becoming as politically incorrect as smoking. Seriously; here's the NY Times from 1991:

Environmental groups that had promoted the use of wood-burning stoves through slogans like "Split Wood, Not Atoms," are now supporting the restrictive measure under consideration here.
As to smoking, and FDR's cigarette holder...

Isn't there a lot of talk lately about the need for smoke-filled rooms in the Democratic Party?

I realize that Harry Reid has long been an anti-tobacco crusader, but if he ever changes his mind, have I ever got a brand for him!


No fireside chat would be authentic without them!

MORE: The video of Reid sitting in front of the burning wood can be streamed here.


UPDATE: My thanks to Glenn Reynolds for the link! A warm welcome to all.

Comments always appreciated.

posted by Eric on 03.14.08 at 10:41 AM


Senator Bob Smith of NH, in discussing the criminalizing of flag-burning 20 years ago, said "Burning the flag isn't criminal? My constituents can't even burn leaves!"

I haven't been a supporter of such amendments - I want to know which people will burn the flag - but you have to admit it's a great point.

Assistant Village Idiot   ·  March 14, 2008 11:05 AM

Oh C'mon!
While I love all the points you make, that's a GAS burning fireplace. Like they'll bring in dirty insect infested wood to their oh so pristine chambers?
Need more, no fireplace screen (actually, I'd love it to be a wood fire so the sparks could ignite a conflagration)not even any firplace tools.
Just like the serving Democrats, and their Presidential candidates, obviously fake!

Mike   ·  March 14, 2008 8:59 PM

... with FDR long gone and a Republican in the White House, there was no obvious way to commemorate the occasion.

FDR's first firside chat was at the Mayflower Hotel! Guess this wouldn't have been a good week to be hold Reid's event in the "Spitzer Hotel". LOL!

jeanneB   ·  March 14, 2008 11:12 PM

What in God's name are we taxpayers doing giving this clown such a fancy office. A cubicle would be just fine.

Jeff Cauthen   ·  March 14, 2008 11:47 PM

Haven't heard from Halfwit Harry in awhile.

Didn't miss his wisdom.

He should keep quiet and stay off the radar.

He's a classic moron. Douchebags are adime a dozen.

Chip Gill   ·  March 15, 2008 12:05 AM

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