Fire and brimstone at Vanity Fair!

Anthropogenic global warming meet religious camp!

I just received an amazing email from a friend who demonstrates that Vanity Fair magazine is busily promoting global warming with a religious theme.

I thought I'd quote directly from the email (which amused me to no end), along with the pictures, in the order my friend commented on them.

Re: Vanity Fair Green For a Day issue

First, here's Leonardo:


Isn't he macho? Check out his jeans pulled down around his hip-hop ass.

Then, here's Rush:


Talk about demonization!

(Parenthetically, I interrupt this email to point out that the Rush demonization piece is written by James Wolcott, who's probably not content just to "root for hurricanes" on his blog....)

The above is just a tease. The rest of the email continues below.

Here's an illustrated page from from the Global Warming Bible:


Dante's Inferno, Green Edition! It really IS a religion.


I just noticed the Holy Prius on the Mount!!!


Look at L. Ron Gore the pious monk!


Fire-breathing SUV's!!!


Then there's this Diesel ad campaign. This is really embarrassing. Global Warming Ready??!!!



While my friend showed extraordinary generosity by being embarrassed on Diesel's behalf, I don't think the company is embarrassed at all.

There's money to be made with this Global Warming stuff!

MORE: That last picture is so suggestive that I'm thinking maybe they could offer a special line of S&M wear for disbelievers in need of punishment.

UPDATE: My thanks to Glenn Reynolds for the link, and welcome all!

Except the credit really isn't mine; it should go to the author of the email. (Perhaps he should start a blog....)

posted by Eric on 05.14.07 at 06:06 PM


While I would NEVER be caught dead defending Vanity Fair, I will ask if you seriously meant to implicitly defend Rush Limbaugh?

BTW, I hope everybody noticed the half-submerged Mt. Rushmore in the background. Cute.

Froblyx   ·  May 14, 2007 7:16 PM

Man, I really wish these evangelicals would quit forcing their religion down my throat. Dont they know that morality is relative?Emitting CO2 is part of my culture and I find thier demonization of my way of life racist and carbonophobic.

Mick   ·  May 14, 2007 9:22 PM

Criticize him all you want, but Rush's view of climate change is more bottomed in science, fact, and history than Al Gore's ever will be.

Redman   ·  May 14, 2007 9:23 PM

That's last month's edition.

In this month's, they have an interview with Bruce Willis wherein they've managed to turn him into a weak whining little anti-war punk, who's very unhappy now that he ever supported the war in Iraq. BUT, to sucker in Bruce's fans, the front cover is of him standing manly upright on a macho motorcycle. I wonder how much they had to edit it to put the proper words in his mouth so that the interview would come out politically correct enough for VF's green readers.

NahnCee   ·  May 14, 2007 9:29 PM

The pic of Lenny on the cover is so doctored it's not even funny. If you see it in person you'd see it. But then again, why wouldn't a photo of Lenny be doctored?

I love the following "Anthropogenic global warming meet religious camp!". You are so right it's not even funny.

Thanks for the fun!

Paul   ·  May 14, 2007 9:29 PM

James Wolcott is somewhat like a maggot out of hell, but with a lower IQ. More like an amoeba out of hell, actually, I guess.

Hucbald   ·  May 14, 2007 9:52 PM

"Criticize him all you want, but Rush's view of climate change is more bottomed in science, fact, and history than Al Gore's ever will be."

You might want to check out the extended discussion -- well, at least MOST of it was discussion -- of global warming elsewhere in this blog

Froblyx   ·  May 14, 2007 10:10 PM

Vanity fair is the most pretentious tedious magazine known to man. Graydon Carter probably masturbates to it.

Peach   ·  May 14, 2007 10:44 PM

If it's so darn hot, wear shorts, instead of full-length jeans. And stop hump'n the palm tree!

Plus on page 272 it shows the headline: The Gasping Forest." I can't read the rest, but somebody tell VF that plants inhale CO2!

Finally, perilously close to Leo's ice spikes, they show the infant polar bear, Knut, who Drudge noted is becoming less cute by the day since he made his first appearance on the scene... kind of like DiCaprio, come to think of it.

edhesq   ·  May 14, 2007 11:01 PM

So, sexy people means buy diesel? What the hell is wrong with people in marketing? This is not new, by the way:

When I see sexy people touching each other, diesel is as far from my mind as Instant Ralston, but when I see people kill themselves with chlorine gas, I'm actually as not hungry as I can be.

Jon Thompson   ·  May 15, 2007 2:57 AM

Gee, I don't know -- Global Warming and the coming Flood don't look so bad. I mean, if all it means is sexy people will get to lie around the beach in fashionable clothes, what's wrong with it?

Andrea Harris   ·  May 15, 2007 5:51 AM

Tis a sad day when Vanity Fair comes off looking like a Chick tract.... and for many of the same reasons.

SDN   ·  May 15, 2007 5:51 AM

DIESEL has nothing to be embarrassed about. They're treating global warming like they treat everything, as another way to sell clothes.

In previous campaigns, DIESEL said they owned happiness itself and announced they had style-tracking microchips implanted in all of their accessories.

Virtue Incarnate   ·  May 15, 2007 11:14 AM

Wolcott smeared 'The Captain' as a child molester... which if you've seen a picture of Wolcott makes you wonder how much candy he carries in his van... ity fair.

DANEgerus   ·  May 15, 2007 5:20 PM

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