Meat denial is so old it seems canned!

Regular readers know how I feel about the animal rights movement. However, for the embattled few who still maintain that an anthropogenic cause for Global Warming has not been established, it is my position that they're the best possible allies, for they put the lie to the people who see the automobile as the primary offender.

For the umpteenth time, by the environmentalists' own data, eating animals is the number one cause of Global Warming.

According to that standard, the "The Fifth Annual International Eat an Animal for PETA Day" (linked by Tom Maguire, guest blogging at InstaPundit) really ought to have a subtitle along the lines of "Eat an Animal to Warm the Planet."

I could have, would have, and perhaps should have ignored Megan McArdle's guest post at InstaPundit stating her belief in the anthropogenic theory, because I don't enjoy debating with people I respect (even if co-blogger M. Simon does). However, her failure to address meat consumption despite the blatant earth warming advocacy in Tom Maguire's Eat-The-Meat post simply cannot be ignored.

But what am I personally supposed to do to resolve this conflict?

Eat my meat and send a "sirloin offsets" check to PETA?

That might offset this:


But will it offset Coco's conspicuous canine consumption?


Go ahead. Tell me Coco should be a vegan!

(Right now she's waiting for Al Gore to set an example.)

posted by Eric on 03.16.07 at 09:23 AM


Dear Sir:

You have clearly been taken captive and turned into a pod blogger by the right-wing extremist neocon eaters of animal flesh. Your ad hominem attack on shadow President Gore, implying that he too is an eater of dead things, is beyond the pale.

Future such ad hominem or ad carnus extremist attacks will ostracize you further in your vegephobia.

Socrates   ·  March 16, 2007 12:29 PM

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