Dangerous to whom?

Funny that I was just saying the Internet is all messed up, because after reading a post that Glenn Reynolds linked about the Tim Burns congressional race in Pennsylvania, I wanted to know a little more about the candidate, so I clicked on the TimBurnsforCongress.com web site.

I can't see it, because it's been blocked (by my Trend Micro anti-virus) for the following reason (in big red letters):

This Web page has been identified as Dangerous.
Here's a screen shot:


Of course, being that I'm also a Linux user, a silly thing like that won't deter me, so I merely booted up the Linux laptop and up it came.

The lesson is that Linux users don't have to worry for the most part about things like viruses.

Or even fake virus-mongers who go around reporting web sites as being "dangerous." (Which maybe they are, to the people reporting them.)

Almost makes me want to send the guy some money without knowing anything more.

LATER: Looking into Tim Burns' candidacy, I found him to be strongly in favor of economic freedom and self sufficiency. Here's his campaign statement (which has so far managed to survive the anti-virus blocking):

"We need to get away from looking to the government to solve all of our problems. Instead we need to force them to solve theirs. We need to stop the bailouts and handouts, and need to balance the budget and ensure that our children will inherit a strong America, not a bankrupt one. I know how to create jobs, make a payroll, meet a budget, and stay out of debt. I am running to restore this forgotten, commonsense value to Washington."
Sounds good to me, and I also learned that Scott Brown is campaigning for him.

And while that alone would have been enough to justify sending him money, the idea that sneaky activists may have somehow gotten his website to be blocked as dangerous made me to decide to contribute

UPDATE: I checked again at 8:58 p.m., and the site is no longer blocked by Trend Micro.

posted by Eric on 05.03.10 at 03:01 PM


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