If Only We Had Done Nothing

We have added at least a trillion dollars to our national debt and the accomplishments for that spending are worse than if we had done nothing. Where is the Do Nothing Congress and the Do Nothing Presidency when you need them? If only they had put the effort into raising the price of electricity while lowering the reliability of supplies. Well they are doing that. And what else are they doing? They are going to spiff up Public housing

Vice President Joe Biden and two Cabinet secretaries unveiled a national program Tuesday to train workers for "green jobs" that will make public housing more energy-efficient.

Biden, Housing Secretary Shaun Donovan and Labor Secretary Hilda Solis announced the plan in Denver at a meeting of President Barack Obama's task force on the middle class.

Donovan said some of the $4 billion from Obama's $787 billion economic stimulus plan that was budgeted to renovate public housing will be spent to create jobs for making the dwellings more energy efficient.

Solis, another task force member, said $500 million will be distributed as grants for training workers. That sum includes $50 million for communities battered by job losses and restructuring in the auto industry.

Investing in public housing will improve its quality, reduce energy costs for residents and the government and create jobs for people who live in the units and their neighbors, Donovan said. Some of the stimulus money also will be used for basic repairs and maintenance.

Hmm. I wonder if the Obama Administration has a plan for us and is getting our accommodations prepared.?

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posted by Simon on 06.08.09 at 11:18 PM


"Where is the Do Nothing Congress and the Do Nothing Presidency when you need them?"

Indeed. I call for an endless succession of William Henry Harrisons! The man had enough decency to die before he could do any damage to our Republic.

5th Level Fighter   ·  June 10, 2009 11:56 AM

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