why they "fear her tremendously"

I see that I'm not alone in noticing that the ferocity of attacks against Sarah Palin have increased since the election.

Michael van der Galien notices that the attacks have been stepped up even more, and he offers an explanation as to why:

...the attacks on Palin - all the litigation, attempts to destroy her and her family by the driveby media, etc. - convince me that liberal activists, journalists and politicians fear her tremendously. They would not go after her - even obsess over her - if they thought she was a wacko who could never win elections for president.
They should fear her tremendously. Because, in this media-driven culture, (where politicians can rise from relative obscurity to the presidency in a very short time), she's just the sort of person who could revive the moribund Republican Party. Even though she was new to the game in the last election, she came close to doing just that. Plus, she's one of the few bona fide conservatives I know of with solid libertarian appeal. (I certainly thought so. And I am not easily sold on conservatives.)

Oh, need I mention that she's a woman? We've never had a woman president. Not even a woman candidate for president. And you know damn well that there's no way a woman will be running for president on the Democratic ticket....

It must just kill them.

And it just might.

posted by Eric on 05.03.09 at 07:31 PM


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