Finally, a connection!

Wow. Finally, after many hours of futzing around and being on hold, I got the DSL line working.

This will be a test post of sorts, as I have nothing really to say. Other than thank God the thing finally works.

The biggest problem was being asked for a user name and password in order to get signed on and get a user name and password. My DSL modem and router was getting me online, but as I'd never been online before, I couldn't get past the ATT login, which prevented me from creating the account I needed in order to login. After two hours of calling and holding (and being told that they "didn't have access" to a user name and password I didn't have) I was bumped to "Level 2" technical support, where the guy knew what to do. (He had to manually set up the account for me, and he understood the modem issue which the others hadn't.)

The sunset here makes the long drive worth it.


So does the 80 degree weather.

(By contrast, it's been snowing in Ann Arbor....)

posted by Eric on 11.17.08 at 06:54 PM


Are you in Oakland? Kensington?

Anonymous   ·  November 17, 2008 10:04 PM


Eric Scheie   ·  November 17, 2008 11:10 PM

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