Fear and loathing.

Don't ask me why.

I heard this and had an intense feeling something terrible was about to happen, then a flock of crows flew low overhead, in avian anarchist formation.

No going home.

MORE: I liked dr kill's comment to the last post:

Human reality is universal only at the border of life and death. The further Americans live from death, the less they understand how to determine the relative importance of deeds and ideas. There is nothing like witnessing a little death to realign one's priorities more realistically.
Yeah, like don't I know it.

posted by Eric on 10.30.08 at 05:39 PM


And once you have cheated Anubis - if you take the experience to heart - life is never the same. It tastes better. Even the bad days are good. And the good days better.

M. Simon   ·  October 31, 2008 3:36 AM
M. Simon   ·  October 31, 2008 3:55 AM

My daily bike commute Central Ohio lawn sign survey stands at McCain 24 Obama 7.

Flickr slide show

rhhardin   ·  November 1, 2008 7:00 AM

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