Testing the waters....

Here's a picture I took last week on the edge of Lake Okeechobee, Florida:


While it's dried out in the sun, that plate-covered, prehistoric-looking fish ought to look familiar to many home aquarium keepers, as it's a Plecostomus, best known as the "algae eater."

I had not known that the Plecostomus had been introduced into Florida waters, but many other fish have. (Another lovely aquarium fish, the Oscar, has become quite a pest in the Everglades, and there's no season or limit on them.)

Another surprise (as I didn't realize they'd become so common) was to a number of alligators swimming in the canal right alongside Highway 75, which I later learned is called "Alligator Alley" because there are so many of the beasties there. (Unfortunately, this was a highway, and I was driving too fast to stop for pictures.)

The Florida trip must have triggered some hidden inner yearning to be a fish, because I was inexplicably led to this online personality test -- "What kind of aquarium fish are you?"

What kind of aquarium fish are you?

Spidey the Bloodfin Tetra

Much like the real Spidey, you are not one to ask for fame. You are satisfied relaxing behind the plant and rocks. This shows how smart you are and has caused you to survive the daily havoc of the tank.

Personality Test Results

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Hmmm.... I think I'd prefer to be a baby alligator, but who said life was fair?

The test did get one thing right, though. Bloodfin tetras "tend to nip at the fins of fish with long, wavy fins."

I'm definitely into that.

posted by Eric on 02.27.08 at 06:17 PM


The Tampa Aquarium has a great exhibition on non-native flora and fauna that have been introduced both accidentally and intentionally. The bad thing is that some of the introduced life was able to diplace the native, often with bad environmental results.

SFC SKI   ·  March 1, 2008 9:52 AM

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