Bubba does Florida GOP?

Thank God that Stephen Green is drunkblogging tonight's results!

Having spent the entire day with MCLE courses, I'm just not up to doing anything resembling serious blogging tonight.

Anyway, via Glenn Reynolds, Stephen is going at it, and I couldn't help notice what he said about Bubba:

...just in case you thought I hadn't noticed, what are we talking about during a primary election day that matters to Republicans more than Democrats? Yes, we're still talking about Bill Clinton.

Earlier Bill Bradley (also linked by Glenn) said this about Clinton:

Remember that Bill Clinton statement at the end of last week about how McCain and Hillary are supposedly such close friends and would conduct a milquetoast campaign against one another? The recording of Clinton saying that is featured in a robocall from the Romney campaign attacking McCain. You know the machiavellian former president, out to make mischief on the Republican side with conservatives predisposed to do the opposite of what he says, is anything but surprised by that.
Well, by the standards being promulgated by the Archbishop of Canterbury, Bill Clinton ought to be facing criminal charges. I'm still not a McCain supporter, but Clinton's charge was a thoughtless and cruel thing to say.

Whether the trickery worked or not, I don't know. Drudge earlier was showing Romney as ahead, but we'll see.

MORE: Right now McCain and Romney are in a virtual tie (34-33% respectively), with Giuliani a distant third, at 15%. (A shame, as I was a Giuliani supporter.)

Hillary is beating Obama by a hefty margin, and she has been projected the winner.

MORE (09:12 p.m.): AP and Fox have called the race for McCain, who is now ahead 35% to 31% with 54% of the vote counted.

And Giuliani is reported as ready to drop out and endorse McCain.

MORE: I watched Giuliani's concession speech. The man has a good, self-deprecating sense of humor. I also watched Romney's speech. He's a likeable guy, and I'd vote for him. But can he beat Hillary?

My hope is that this doesn't turn into acrimonious Republican Party infighting.

MORE: I heard Hillary mention "principles" to Chris Wallace while saying she wants the Florida delegates counted.

Then I read that it all depends on what the definition of "pledge" is. (Via Glenn Reynolds.)


Aaaahhhh, Hsu!

(Sorry, but my allergies are flaring as a result of this dust-up.)

MORE: Predicting a surge in McCain/Giuliani bumperstickers, Stephen Green says,

It's a safe bet that if you think Rudy is just fine as a Republican, then you probably don't have much trouble with McCain.
"Just fine" never described my feelings about Rudy. I supported him initially but I never liked his position on gun control, and was glad when Fred Thompson ran because I could genuinely get behind him. Now that he's out, it's whoever can beat Hillary.

I'm afraid this race is going to be a long nose-hold.

posted by Eric on 01.29.08 at 08:17 PM


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