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As it's YouTube night and as M. Simon started the tradition of "Not Fade Away" nostalgia here, so I thought I'd supply a few variations on the theme:

First, here's the Rolling Stones, from a 1964 appearance on the Mike Douglas Show:

Originally a Buddy Holly song, "Not Fade Away" was the Stones' first hit in the UK.

And it was a staple for the Grateful Dead, performing it here in1970:

Much as I'd love to find the original Buddy Holly version of "Not Fade Away" on YouTube, some things aren't on video and probably never will be. (Well, there is a video showing the original record spinning, but that doesn't count.)

I think the closest video is this. It's not quite "Not" -- but it is a video of Buddy Holly's "Oh Boy":

The year is 1958 and the crowd is pretty excited.

posted by Eric on 07.28.07 at 12:41 AM


Thanks for that. I've always liked Buddy Holly but didn't realize 'til years later the debt he owed to Bo Diddley.

tom scott   ·  July 28, 2007 3:18 PM

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