A single nuke can ruin your entire freedom!

In a Reason Magazine piece titled "Gut Feelings and Real Threats: Why civil libertarians shouldn't be cavalier about terrorism," Cathy Young has some common sense advice for libertarians:

In the past, wars and other national security threats led to far worse assaults on American liberties than anything being contemplated now. Already, the majority of Americans seem willing to accept at least some curtailment of civil liberties in order to reduce the threat of terrorism. Even one more major attack, let alone three a year, could usher in some very dark days for freedom. If champions of civil liberties want to prevent that, they need to take a different approach: to show that the compromises we are being asked to accept will not make us safer, or that there are ways to make us more secure without sacrificing our bedrock principles. If they want to be heard when they warn about loss of liberty, they cannot afford to sound cavalier when they talk about loss of life.
Read it all; apparently some libertarians are starting to echo the Michael Moore line about how there really is no terrorism.


Denial is always very appealing, but in real life, there's no TV remote.

posted by Eric on 07.27.07 at 06:34 PM


Up until the middle of 2003, I had been a card carrying member of the Libertarian Party. That was the point that I realized that far, far too many (and virtually all of those formally involved in the political process) are much more libertine than libertarian.

Phelps   ·  July 27, 2007 7:39 PM

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