ACLU Gives Up?

The usually reliable Pipeline News thinks the accusers in the Guilford College case may be ready to give up due to deportation proceedings on some of the accusers.

By Beila Rabinowitz and William A. Mayer

February 8, 2007 - San Francisco, CA - - With possible deportation looming over Osama Sabbah, Faris Khader and Omar Awartani, the trio's attorney - Amiel Rossabi - signaled at a staged event sponsored by the Marxist Greensboro Truth and Community Reconciliation Project that he might want this matter to just go away, expressing the desire to have the accused and the accusers get together in a reconciliation type meeting.

And who could blame him?

The Greensboro Police Department has dropped any further investigation of the West Bank student's claims, and will bring no charges, a clear indication of the weakness of the accusers claim, which was sworn out through a highly unusual Magistrate proceeding.

Of greater concern from their standpoint, it is now clear that both Mr. Khader and Sabbah have a history of violent confrontation that could well undermine their veracity in court on the current matter. Additionally, the photographs taken of one of the defendants, Michael Six clearly show the raised belt buckle shaped welts caused, according to Mr. Six by an enraged Faris Khader during the attack.

Amiel Rossabi - past president of the North Carolina ACLU - is the latest attorney of record for the West Bank students, he took over the case from Seth Cohen, the NC ACLU's general counsel. A spokesman for the organization stated that though we "still talk to him [Rossabi] fairly regularly" he stressed "that's not one of our cases."

Mr. Cohen is, however the lead attorney in the ACLU's lawsuit to allow the Qu'ran to be recognized in North Carolina's judicial proceedings.

So the ACLU has dropped the case? Interesting. That would tend to indicate that by no unreasonable stretch of the imaginination did a "hate crime" happen. A pretty stiff standard.

I do believe all this will fade away leaving the football players the worse for wear with no means of redress.

In any case there is a long discourse on the relationship between Guilford College and the Freinds School in Ramallah confirming some of my speculations in Muslim Hit Team?.

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posted by Simon on 02.09.07 at 12:19 PM


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