Ken Bigley beheaded

Via Kevin at Wizbang, I now see that British hostage Ken Bigley has been beheaded.

The barbarians who did this are an affront to civilization. They are terrorists. Fascists.

But not according to Reuters! The word "terrorist" is politically incorrect, and Reuters has vowed to take action if it is used in connection with their stories. (This echoes the philosophy of Michael Moore, who likens the beheaders to early American patriots.)

No word on the release of yet another sickening video. I am as tired of these videos as I am of dedicating them to Michael Moore, but until he says otherwise, I have to assume that Moore continues to believe in the victory of the "Revolution" of the beheaders.

UPDATE (10/09/04): I will be away most of the day, and I thought I should advise readers that Dr. Rusty Shackleford is a good source for ongoing updates on this matter. When the video is released, I am sure he'll have more news about the awful video itself. (I'm sure it will be found here eventually too.)

UPDATE (10/10/04): The grisly video of the beheading can be downloaded here.

posted by Eric on 10.08.04 at 10:47 AM


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British hostage Ken Bigley was beheaded near Baghdad on Thursday afternoon, insurgent sources in the rebel-held town of Falluja said on Friday. [Read More]
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Here is the video of Ken Bigley pleading for his life. America has to win the WAR ON TERROR. It is the only way to stop these TERRORIST bastards. On Nov. 2nd make sure you vote for BUSH. Kerry will not stop these TERRORIST sons-a-bitches. [Read More]
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I have had it with terrorist scum, and with their sympathizers and fellow-travellers like the bums at Reuters.

Global terrorists can burn in Hell where they belong. Too many people have suffered at their evil hands. That's all they are. Evil.

Ed Roebuck   ·  October 25, 2004 6:32 AM

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