God hates Bush!

Dennis told me about a newly defaced sign which I ran out and photographed yesterday. The owner's fault, really; he should have known better than to think he could put up a Bush/Cheney sign on his modest house in a modest neighborhood.


But his earthly punishment is only a small glimpse of what awaits in the afterlife!


To borrow from Ted Rall, eventually they'll be crispy brown!

Anarchists for Bush, Repent Now!

UPDATE: After a great deal of research, I believe I have found the origin of Kerry's religious threat:

John Kerry's initial venture into elective office began really in 1970 when he looked at that Democratic nomination for a House seat but the then dean of the Boston College law school, Father Robert Drinan, was clearly the favorite. But Norm, my explanation for why Drinan won that so handily is that he had the best bumper sticker. I don't know how many of you remember the bumper sticker but it said, "Vote for Drinan or go to hell."
Obviously, Kerry learned!

MORE: Kerry may have had early lessons in the fine art of political doublespeak from his Jesuit mentor:

Drinan's activism started well before the Carter presidency and had tremendous impact on other Democratic politicians. His papers at Boston College reveal how Drinan would tell pro-life constituents that he was morally opposed to abortion while he told people on the other side that he was using his influence to block pro-life initiatives—as indeed he was. In June, 1974, Drinan wrote to an abortion foe saying he hoped "everything that is feasible can be done to protect the sanctity and inviolability of unborn life." But in July he assured an abortion supporter that "I have voted the correct way on all of the foolish proposals" made by two pro-life House members.
(Political junkies will doubtless enjoy noting that after Kerry lost out to Drinan in his early Congressional bid, he became his campaign manager, and later enrolled at Boston College School of Law (of which Drinan had been Dean). Interestingly, Kerry's campaign manager Mary Beth Cahill worked on Drinan's congressional staff. More here.)

Hellish symmetry in there somewhere.....

THE LAST WORD: Father Drinan (who's not only still alive, but was recently awarded the ABA's highest medal) counsels Kerry's campaign, and has even been called a member of Kerry's "Kitchen Cabinet." While Drinan says Kerry is "a very good Catholic," he also has advised Kerry to "shut up" about "the Communion thing."

Well, at least he didn't tell him to shut up about Hell!

posted by Eric on 10.16.04 at 03:43 PM


Anarchists for Bush. Yes, in many ways, Bush's position, and much more, the historic Republican position, is closer to anarchism than is Kerry's or the historic Democratic position. Democrats have historically stood for more government overall, for the welfare state, while Republicans have historically stood for limited or at least less government overall, which is clearly closer to the ideal of anarchism, which is no government at all. Anarchism is the opposite of socialism and Communism, and on a number of spectrums it is on the Far Right.

It looks like I'll be burning in Hell.

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