Anarchists for Bush


Remember: a vote for Kerry is a vote for expansive federal government.

I'll never understand those who wave the anarchist banner for socialism.

UPDATE: The elusive M. over at the Dave links to, and a section of their FAQ is applicable here:

Hey, you can't be republican punks - punks are anti-establishment, and republicans are hate mongers!

This (or some form of it) is easily our biggest question - and God, we're sick of it. Notice it's not even a question, just an iron clad statement made by some snot-nosed troll. The key that so many of these folks miss is that anti-establishment views can vary widely, depending on who we believe is the establishment. Most lefties seem to fear big business above all else - whereas we fear big government. Big business can be a problem, but without the additional weight of Big Government behind it big business can be fought through free-market competition. However, Big Government without Big Business only grows more scary as it dictates our doctors, our incomes, even our freedoms.

Big Business might limit our choices, but Big Government can remove choice from the equation entirely. Or put another way Big Tobacco can make cigarettes, but it can't make you buy them. Big Government can.

As for republicans being hate mongers - we don't think it's at all hateful to give people the freedom (and the responsibility) to walk their own paths - for better or for worse. And that should be the purpose of a conservative republican government - to keep government off our backs as much as possible. To allow us to wear suits or cutoffs, listen to opera or rap, own a gun or a walkman, be an executive or a dancer - it's all up to us to make our own choices. And it's up to us to climb that ladder ourselves, not of the backs of others but based on our own merits.

posted by Dennis on 10.16.04 at 01:33 PM


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AW! Cute.

Eric Scheie   ·  October 16, 2004 1:42 PM

That is an excellent statement of freedom. Thank you.

Anarchists for Bush. Yes, in many ways, Bush's position, and much more, the historic Republican position, is closer to anarchism than is Kerry's or the historic Democratic position. Democrats have historically stood for more government overall, for the welfare state, while Republicans have historically stood for limited or at least less government overall, which is clearly closer to the ideal of anarchism, which is no government at all. Anarchism is the opposite of socialism and Communism, and on a number of spectrums it is on the Far Right.

Here is one of my favorite spectrums:

I use this one all the time. It has 2 dimensions: Socialist (more or total government) vs. Anarchist (less or no government), Liberal (irreligious, libertine) vs. Conservative (religious, disciplined)

On this spectrum, Wanda is a Liberal Anarchist while Dawn is a Conservative Anarchist.

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