What you won't see in the "real" world

Everyone -- especially new visitors -- please check out Donald Sensing's collection of horror stories involving the United Nations. (Link via InstaPundit)

Not only is the U.N. corrupt, but in many cases they're behaving as thugs and terrorists.

The stories are appalling, but what's most appalling is that they won't appear in most newspapers. (At least, not mine.) My local paper (The Philadelphia Inquirer) steadfastly refuses to run one single story about the biggest scandal in U.N. history; it's as if the U.N. and the big media are partners in a joint enterprise.

(I complained for some time about the Inquirer's non-reporting of the U.N. scandal, and did my best to document the problem. While I finally received a phone call from an editor there, there's been no change in editorial policy.)

There are two different news worlds; the blogosphere, and the "real world" -- a world where vital news is deliberately not reported by those charged with reporting it, but who then label honesty inquiry as "conspiracy thinking."

To call such malfeasance "non-reporting" is inadequate to describe the situation. Considering the very real power role occupied by these elitist usurpers of the public trust, the word "tyranny" comes to mind.

For years the UN's funding for years came from Saddam Hussein whose regime castrated prisoners, threw them off buildings in Superman costumes, and performed amputations. Is it to much to ask whether those who fund and support such tyranny -- or those who refuse to report it -- become tainted in the process?

As to the castrations, amputations, and the rest, Roger L. Simon (link via Glenn Reynolds) reports that that photographs and video footage have been found showing all of the above in graphic detail.

Anyone holding their breath to see when we'll get to see that?

posted by Eric on 05.15.04 at 09:18 AM


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I have long agreed with the John Birch Society on this: Get the U.S, out of the U.N. and get the U.N. out of the U.S.!

I also agree with the John Birch Society, more and more all the time, on another crucial point: America is a republic (Constitutional government, individual rights), not a democracy (majority rule). Let's keep it that way!

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