Making sense out of Jesse Jackson

Hey, what's all this fuss about no one showing up at the Million Mom Assault or whatever the hell it was called?

They had plenty of notice, and I highlighted the special coverage the Philadelphia Inquirer gave the event.

Well, some corrections are indeed in order.

Via Glenn Reynolds, I see that only 3000 out of a million bothered to show! (Note that the 3000 figure is given by the Washington Post as the organizers' estimate, so it probably wasn't even that high.) And my blessed blogfather Jeff covered the story, and says there were only 2000. (I think Jeff's being generous, too.)

Well, you can't say they weren't told. The Inky told everybody, and I gave the thing an advance review in my blog. (Sure, I'm on the wrong side, but all publicity counts, right?) So what accounts for the low turnout? And what about all those cool things like the $75,000 Charlton Heston Table? The featured speaker was Jesse Jackson, whose name is a household word, and well, I think even Jackson realized some corrections were in order, because he seems to have changed the subject a little:

The day began with an interfaith service and then yielded to several hours of speakers, each taking the stage with the majesty of the Capitol as their backdrop. Jesse L. Jackson was on hand, as were a smattering of members of Congress and seemingly hundreds of people whose lives had been directly touched by gun violence.

At one point, as the crowd eased into the first verse of the spiritual "We Shall Overcome," Pamela Bailey stood silently. The Silver Spring resident said she couldn't sing, so frozen was she by memories of her lost son, Terron Coleman -- the sound of his voice, birthday cards, a greeting on Mother's Day.

"He had a right to his life," Bailey said.

Jackson, in oratory that was in equal measure political and religious, denounced the war in Iraq and drew the crowd to its feet, booming out a line that became an instant slogan: "We will remember, in November."

What is it we're supposed to remember in November? I thought this was about assault weapons! I read through the rest of the article, and there's nothing else about Iraq, so what's going on?

Did someone neglect to tell Jesse which rally he was addressing?

Later on, though, someone obviously realized that the theme had shifted to months of the year, and the war in Iraq:

Suddenly, someone in the back shouted what many seemed to be thinking: "March! March! March!"
Yeah, it's beginning to make sense now. It was in March that the war in Iraq started.

And in November they'll remember March! Right?

That has to be it!

When I wrote my previous post, the Inquirer said it was all about the "Mothers Day March to Halt the Assault." In May! You'd think the Post could have at least gotten the name correctly. Except now it's morphed into the, um, Million Mother May I March to Halt the November Assault remember November March! Well, that's better than the non-melodic name Jeff reported from Yahoo, the "much balleyhooed Million Mom March United With the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence."

I'll say this for Jesse Jackson: he seems to be the only person attending that March to understand that there are true assault weapons (capable of fully automatic fire) somewhere -- in Iraq!

NOTE: As diligently as I could, I Googled Pamela Bailey, Silver Spring, and Terron Coleman, and could find no articles about the 2001 shooting deaths which are mentioned. If anyone can confirm that they really were victims of true assault weapons, let me know.

posted by Eric on 05.10.04 at 08:16 PM


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Dear Eric my favorite blogger:

This is just to let you know that I'm finally back on the Internet. Starting with April 1, I had no telephone and no DSL for over a month. That means no Internet, i.e., no blogging nor any reading of any blogs and therefore no commenting on any blogs, no writing nor any reading of any e-mails. I'm finally back now. Good to see you again!

Blessed be,

As much as I love Chuck Heston, I'm springing for the $1,000 Ted Nugent table, a bargin at twice the price!

I'd almost be willing to buy a ticket for myself, if I could also buy one for Ted to accompany me (bare-chested and with bow in hand). That would be something worth seeing.

H.D. Miller   ·  May 10, 2004 9:59 PM

Very nice!

Remember, remember the 5th of November
Gunpowder, treason and plot.
We see no reason why gunpowder treason
should ever be forgot!

Persnickety   ·  May 11, 2004 1:20 PM

I have to say it: Jesse Jackson is one of the people I despise the most these days, a complete demagogue and phony, appealing to the rankest stupidity, a gun-banner -- and a homo-hater. He spewed out the usual boilerplate "how dare you compare homosexual rights to black rights?" line, and in a particularly imbecilic fashion. That's when I finally lost the last shred of respect I ever had for him. To think that I once voted for him! Oh, well, live and learn. I have a suggestion for him: Next time he spouts off on how there's no comparison between homosexuals and Negroes, he might ask Tyron Garner what he thinks. Hmh?

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