East meets West (Architectural nostalgia)

Here's a view of part of the Saint Charles Borromeo Seminary:


I drive past the place a lot, and it's tough to get a shot from the road. An austere religious institution, it's all fenced in and surrounded by tall hedges. But I like the Renaissance/Moorish look, because it reminds me of similar architecture in California.

Like this baby, which is also surrounded by foliage, so no picture can really do it justice:


The photo was not taken by me, but by a friend I imposed upon, and who went to a lot of trouble just so I could have it. He "started on the street and went up the steps, and across the front of the property to the left, then stepped through to our place and shot from here looking over. Then down to the street again...."

It sits on top of a hill, with a beautiful view.

Alhambra-like, no? All it needs is the reflecting pool.

It's nice to fantasize....

posted by Eric on 05.11.04 at 01:17 AM


Now that is 1ne hell of a nice drive.

Curator   ·  May 11, 2004 3:59 AM

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