After reading the Carnival, BURN your filthy desires!

Don't forget to read the Carnival of the Vanities (which was too early for me to enter this week. WAAAAHH!)

At the Carnival, the Smallest Minority is having a duel with Tim Lambert, with whom I've tangled previously over his statistical gun fetish.

Peter at The World of Pete relates an incredible tale of being busted by a SWAT team for shooting tin cans in the desert!

And there's similar politically correct insanity at Zero Intelligence: a stun gun in mom's car gets daughter expelled from school! Is there no end to the idiocy of the people who would run our lives?

No there isn't: GREENIE WATCH shows how environmentalists are trying to stop suburbs!

QandO, in a post entitled "Hot gay action at Abu Ghraib," examines Arab hypocrisy on the torture issue, and contrasts mass graves with the torture allegations against the half dozen or so Americans. Bad as that was, he correctly notes that for Saddam Hussein's bunch, the stuff the Americans are charged with would have been mere horseplay.

(NOT IN MY LOCAL PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER! They featured a nonsensical claim by an Iraqi that the Americans are worse than Saddam Hussein! I guess the Inky thinks its readers will believe anything.)

WOLves asks whether bloggers are journalists. I hope not! I don't wanna be like the people who write for the Philadelphia Inquirer!


As to the Bonfire.......

WARNING: The Bonfire is hosted by Spectra this week, and it's getting pornographic! (Spectra himself tries to assuage the world with a peace recipe, but I doubt Kofi Annan is reading.)

Andrew Ian Dodge pursues piss-poor poopings for peace. (Doesn't he know that the FCC crackdown includes matters excretory?)

Josh Cohen is compiling a book of penis spam. (An old favorite of mine....) He wants yours. (SPAM of course....) "Honey I shrunk the penis" is already taken.

Fritz is definitely pushing the pornography envelope. And even the esteemed, usually most dignified Ghost of a Flea has resorted to link whoring, but he's trying out his homemade TASER, so beware!

Susie, while at first glance appearing to be cute, in reality drives home a lesson in philosophy: Nuthin from nuthin leaves nuthin!

Interested Participant has FREE SCOOPS of ICE CREAM -- an offer Leon Kass can't refuse.

Lick my cone baby!

And that was posted right before my dirty appetizer.

See what I mean? The Bonfire is burning hot filth!

posted by Eric on 05.05.04 at 10:33 PM


The _style_ of the way you write! "BURN your filthy desires!" Reminds me of what Bishop Fulton J. Sheen wrote in his "Life of Christ" (1958): "...letting the life-blood out of beloved lusts and hewing passions to tatters..." Instead of masturbating, pray your Rosary! Pray to the Virgin Mother! Those Catholics make me all the more lustful and passionate and full of filthy desires when they say things like that. The _style_ of it all!

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