yesterday's goners don't stop

While this probably should have been an update to my previous post, something about Ann Althouse's new Calamari rings post reminded me of a touching tale involving my father's trickery. (Yeah, he got me to eat squid when I was a kid -- by telling me the calamari rings were actually onion rings that had "soaked up the flavor of the fish" and I naively ate them while he stifled a chuckle.)

While it may be cute (and even beneficial) for a father to trick his son into expanding his horizons by lying about what he's eating, something about seeing skilled politicians harness the forces of Hollywood and the music industry to manipulate grown adults to put them back into office strikes me as a little crass.

So do the shrill attacks on Ann Althouse (that she "should have her teaching credentials revoked") for poking fun at what I think is a very unoriginal attempt by the Clintons to hijack popular culture to their advantage. It's not just Bill and Hill as Tony and Carmela, but they needed a theme song, and "Don't Stop Believing" is (they think) catchy, and they wanted to claim it.

Hell, they have claimed it.

Must they?

And must we hear it?

It's all too easy for me to not be impressed, as I put up with them glomming onto Fleetwood Mac's "Don't Stop Thinking About Tomorrow" for nearly a decade.

I think they're tired, and I wish they would stop.

I'm already more tired than I was in the 90s, and that's pretty tired.

But I won't stop being tired....


posted by Eric on 06.21.07 at 12:10 AM


No worse than that dipwad Dukakis hijacking Neil Diamond's "America" during his brief flirtation with the history books.

The irony is these folks actually believe their voting public will ignore their voting record and hear the "feel good" song...and vote based on that.

And folks laugh when I say stupidity should be fatal...

Bob   ·  June 22, 2007 8:28 PM

My most musical image of the Clinton's is from one of the conventions, 1996 I think. Dem
delegates dancing endlessly to the "Macarena". I thought it fit well, mindless music for the party of the mindless.

Geoffb   ·  June 24, 2007 8:17 AM

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