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Yesterday I celebrated Earth Day by complaining about airport parking and recovering from jet lag. (Fortunately, Justin remembered.)

But now, late as I am, I still want to share a couple of vital post-Earth Day thoughts which seem to have escaped coverage.

One is that yesterday was not just Happy Earth Day, it was Happy Birthday! To Comrade Lenin!

Coincidence or not, Earth Day began not merely on Lenin's birthday, but on the very day which was celebrated as the saintly demigod's 100th birthday!

Why can't that simple fact be reported as it should be? Is Earth Day trying to undermine or overshadow a more important historical occasion?

This blog will never allow such blatant historical revisionism by Western capitalists! So, in honor of the true spirit of traditional April 22 values, I humbly and solemnly present this celebratory reminder of the founding date's original, um, nature:


One last underreported Earth Day item.

Senator Gaylord Nelson, considered the official founder of Earth Day, thought uncontrolled immigration was bad for the environment:

Nelson also saw containment of immigration as an important part of his environmentalist mission. In his words: "But in this country, itís phony to say ĎIím for the environment but not for limiting immigration'. Itís just a fact that we canít take all the people who want to come here. And you donít have to be a racist to realize that."
That sort of talk would be considered divisive today.

(But at least it wouldn't be speciesism.)

MORE: Here's Sean Hackbarth on the solemn Lenin/Earth occasion:

Think of 04.22 as a day for watermelons. You know, those who are green on the outside and red on the inside.
Well, I read that Lenin's corpse is getting moldy.

posted by Eric on 04.23.06 at 11:39 AM

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